Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Anniversary Trip 2016- Day Five (Down from the Mountain)

We woke up to another cloudy morning.  We decided that we'd hang around after breakfast to see the llamas come up!    They come up three times a week to bring clean linens and food supplies.   I really wanted to see them, and get "the whole LeConte Experience".

A few last pics:

The view out our cabin door

The date of the day we left

While we waited, we packed up, sat in the office and read for a while and the moved to the deck behind the dining hall and sat in rockers in the sun.    They still didn't come, so we went ahead and ate our lunch.

Overlooking the valley

Finally, out of nowhere - there they were!

They were so amazing!

They were so calm and patient as they waited to be unloaded

Soo cute!!

Experience complete!!

Our last picture before heading down

It was much warmer hiking down, and the Bullhead trail was a lot more sunny

A pretty spot on the trail

Perfect rest stop!

These rocks were amazing

At one point, we heard something very Large crashing through the woods off to our left.  We never saw it, but I'd like to think it was a bear. =)

We made it down in three hours, and were super happy to see that our little green car was still there!

We DID it!!!

One last picture with Pinky =)

As we turned our phones back on, we were flooded with texts and emails.  Philip had 200!

We drove to Chattanooga, checked into our hotel and had an AMAZING shower!!    I was thrilled that there was a Ruby Tuesday close by (since we loved it in Florida, but don't have one in Wichita).


The next morning we drove to Atlanta and took our tired bodies onto a plane and home to our babies!!!

Wow!    What a trip!!   It was absolutely amazing, a perfect get away for the two of us, and the kids had SO much fun with Grandma!   THANK YOU, Mom for helping make this happen!
Thank you God for twelve amazing years!

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Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow! So many beautiful views! I loved seeing the llamas, so I'm glad you stayed! It looks like an absolutely beautiful corner of the world!

I wonder where the people who live there shower?

I'm so glad the two of you had such a nice time away. I know how busy life is, and I'm sure it was great to relax and reconnect with your sweetie :)

Love you both!