Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Via Christi Bike Trip - 2016

This year we got to go on the annual bike trip with the first and second year residents!

We drove four hours on Thursday to Colby, KS...

 Beautiful sunset that night

We had a relaxed morning at the hotel on Friday (the kids got a bunch of school work done), and then we drove to Denver and met up with our friends from Eglin residency, the Reites!   We hadn't seen them since Moriah was a baby!

 Lily, Chloe and Moriah all dressed up

 Andrea and I (soo good to see this "Wifia" sister of mine!

 All our kids (our first time meeting each other's youngest!)
Lily, Caleb, Moriah, Chloe, Keenan and Jonathan

 Eric and Philip got photo bombed by some kids =)

We had a wonderful visit at the Reite's home, walked over to a beautiful reservoir near their house (the kids acted like they'd been best friends their whole lives), had a delicious dinner and hit the road for the rest of our drive.

We arrived at our condo in Frisco just before 10 pm.    It was really nice but I only took these to pictures!

 The living room

 The kid's room

The beautiful view of Lake Dillon off our balcony!

 The kid's doing school early Saturday morning (since Tuesday was completely shot driving home)

Philip had to be in lectures until noon on Saturday morning, so the kids and I walked to breakfast with some of the other resident spouses...

 Keenan and Moriah had the egg, cheese, bacon sandwich on a toasted croissant and proclaimed it "the best breakfast of their life". =)

 With some of our friends:
Stephanie, Marla, Anna, and Jessie

That afternoon we took a walk along Lake Dillon and came out by the marina and lots of pretty boats!

 I love these people!

That evening there was a pizza and game night.

 Caleb conversing with some of his admirers =)

 He Adores Jon Pike!

Sunday morning, we joined our friend, Marlana, and hiked Mount Royal!   (4 mile hike with 1,300 feet of elevation climb in 3.5 miles of it).

 The first half mile was on a flat bike path!

 Philip having a chat with Caleb (who started out rather emotional and beaten down about his ability to do the hike), he perked up significantly once we actually started to climb!

 View from about 100 feet up

 The kids with Marlana (we loved having her along!)

 A cool teepee beside the trail!

 Gorgeous colors!!

 The trail very quickly got "legit" (aka STEEP!)

 I love this one of these two taking a break and taking in some scenery

 Around halfway at a beautiful spot

 ...and then it just got steeper

 Moriah found a good perch at one of our rest stops

 Keenan had the right idea...

 Two cuties in a tree

 ...and a bigger one a little higher up

 It was so steep, we were taking breaks every five minutes!

 Finally at the top!

 Check out how far down the Interstate is and how tiny the cars are!

 Pretty shot of Marlana

 We couldn't see much of the lake from this peak though, so Philip hiked further to see if there was a better spot while the kids played here.  (Marlana ended up staying with them and starting lunch while I went and met Philip, since he promised the longer hike was worth it)

 He was right!

The furthest peak had a clear view all around (although it was incredibly windy and didn't have a lot of room to stand!)

Another shot down at the road

 We managed to perch the camera for a picture together

 This was looking down to the parking lot where the van was!

There it is! =)

 In a cool, old dead tree on the way back to the kids and Marlana
(I slipped on some loose gravel and fell shortly after this, but was thankful to be the only one that needed the first aid kit that day)

 All of us at 10,500 feet!

 Just the girls

 Caleb hanging on a pretty tree

 The three of us while Caleb helped Philip look for a geocache (but it was not to be found)

 I Love this one!

 ...and this one

 Marlana thought we should have a goofy one ;)

 She was impressed with how quickly we readjusted =)

 Going down was actually quite difficult as well, because there were so many loose spots that we All feel multiple times!   (And if you didn't fall, but only slipped, your heart would leap into your throat every. single. time!!)

 Caleb and Philip were ahead on the way down, so they waited for us here =)

Back on the bike path near the trailhead, the scenery was so perfect that I had Marlana take some more...

 Wow!   We're not in Kansas anymore, people

That night we went to the first of two sponsored dinners.  This one was at a beautiful Mexican restaurant and we got our own booth!

 One side of the table

 Caleb and I

 Someone offered to take one for us

I left these next few in, just so you can get an idea of HOW MANY people were on this trip!!!

 Crazy right!?
(This particular table had climbed FOUR fourteeners that day!!)

Monday morning, we got a chilly start to the day and rented bikes for our next adventure:

 A squinty picture before heading out

 Our great friend, Todd, joined us and we Loved it!

 This was in the top two most beautiful bike rides I have EVER taken

We rode (uphill - gradual, but still pretty painful at times, especially for whoever was pulling Caleb at the time!) to Copper Mountain.    This is actually where we are planning to ski with Matt and Jessica in February, so it was fun to ride around and see the village and even locate the place where we'll be staying!
 We had Todd take our picture here because I thought it would be fun to compare with one of us in the same spot in February!

 A couple pictures of Mount Royal (that we climbed) while driving to Vail on Monday evening

The point where Philip and I hiked to

The town of Vail is Gorgeous and has a cute, European feel to it.   I wish we'd had more time to walk around!

 One of the streets

 How pretty is this??

 This is Lucas (a second year) and his wife, Jessie, who did most of the organizing of bike trip this year - thanks guys!!

 Most of the group before dinner

 Us =)

Tuesday morning we hit the road shortly after 6 for the long drive home!

It seemed appropriate to end this post of the sun just peeking up over the Colorado mountains, since it began with sunset in Kansas.

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