Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Penny's Twins are Here!!

I'm behind, but am going to post all of these things on the day they happened, to aid in my finding these posts in the future =)

The precious twins that our friends, the Pennys, adopted were born yesterday!!    I was Thrilled to be able to go up and visit them tonight (especially excited to get to see them before I head out of town!)

They were in the NICU, so after a thorough hand scrubbing, I got to join the family (the kids had only gotten there about 15 minutes ahead of me for the first time!) to see the babies.

Grace Ivy

Eden and her Sister!!

Honestly, probably the best part was getting to see Eden with the babies... she could NOT stop smiling, it was so sweet

Newly promoted Big brother, Treyson, was pretty proud, too!

Justice Nicholas

Love this

Such a tiny little package!

I even got to hold him!!

Melissa and I (the new superhero mom of FIVE!)

HAPPY Big sister!

I'm sure you will see Lots of these two miracles on here in the future, as I plan to spend a Lot of time with them!!! =)

Congratulations Devin, Melissa, Jade, Eden and Treyson!!!

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Mark and Rebekah said...

This is so beautiful! I'm so glad they arrived before you left so you could meet them. Congratulations to the happy family. I love their names!