Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Labor Day, Sunflowers and Museums

This is a random lunch of mine. One of four recipes I recently made from a magazine =)
Quinoa, kale, mushrooms, romesco sauce (roasted peppers and almonds) and a poched egg - YUM!

On September 3rd, we had an earthquake!   They are actually not uncommon in Kansas, but I had never felt one before.   This one was unmistakable!   I was the only one awake and I was sitting in the living room and suddenly the house started shaking, the piano was moving back and forth and something fell off the wall!  It lasted for quite a while and was measured at 5.6 magnitude!    Way cool!  (The kids and I decided that we now have a new tradition - whenever there's an earthquake, they get donuts for breakfast!)

On September 4th, we took our kids to the Drive in movies for the first time!   We went with the Pennys, to see "Finding Dory" (which was awesome!) and then went a little crazy and decided to stay for the second show, "The Secret Life of Pets", too!   It didn't end until after Midnight!!

So much fun!   The kids lasted better than the adults did! =)

On Labor Day, we played a disc golf we had never played before...and all ended up with the soles of our shoes COVERED in burrs!

Philip and Keenan scraping off their shoes after

It was Such a blessing to have Philip home for the entire weekend, and just be able to hang out as a family for a change!

The wild sunflowers (which I think are actually a weed) are Everywhere right now and when the kids and I came across a whole field of them, I just Had to take photos in it!

Moriah was really the only one interested... =)

Our sweet girl!

The boys cooperated for a couple shots at the end =)

We had never been to the Museum of World Treasures here in town before, but when they had a $5 admission homeschoolers day, we decided to check it out!

Trying on funny hats

They had a Bunch of these huge buddhas that are super old!

We got to see a Chinese writing demonstration and each of the kids got their name written in Chinese (from the left it's Keenan, Moriah, Caleb)

This was full of amethyst - so beautiful!

Not sure what these two are, but they're super cool (if not a little creepy)

The kids loved this giant T-rex skeleton

Dressing up as royalty
(At this point I was told that flash wasn't allowed because a lot of old things can be damaged by it, so the rest of the pictures are sub par...)

The picture doesn't really do this justice, but it's a flag made up of 10,000 people!!
(Can you imagine how long the first people had to stand and wait in their spots before it was all done??)

Write up about the flag above

Caleb wanted a picture of him saluting by this soldier

This room was Full of different styles of military uniforms from over the years!

Keenan trying a replica on

The kids got to look through sediment to find shells and even some Shark teeth!

With a ferocious pirate in the kid's area


Caleb and Moriah with a castle they built


Caleb fell asleep on Keenan on the way home... =)

On the 10th, I was at a conference all day and the kid's babysitter took them to the Wichita Art Museum!

Here are a few funny pics she sent me:

 This totally cracks me up!!

 Caleb and Moriah... a long time ago

 Apparently these little tents were a blast!

Yesterday, the kids and I decided to do Geography with chalk on the driveway!

Drawing the continents (with the right shapes and proportions) is harder than you might think!

Keenan's map

Moriah's =)

Okay... that was a crazy mish-mash, but at least now I'm caught up before our Colorado trip!


Mom W. said...

Good job drawing he continents, a lot of kids have no idea...

Coming your way... soon!!!! =)

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love these pictures :) Thanks for keeping us updated even when some of us (ahem) aren't the best at commenting.

I think my favourite pictures are the ones with Moriah and the sunflowers. I LOVE them! What a sweetie-pie! And I'm glad the boys were coerced into a picture too - too cute!

I hope you're having a great time in Colorado! Enjoy!