Thursday, September 22, 2016

Grandma/Mom is Here!

 Mom arrived on Thursday the 22nd.   These are pictures from before we left, while we were gone, and when we got back.  I decided to compile them all in this "Grandma's visit" post instead of breaking them up chronologically.

Even though Mom's flight got in at 10 pm, I let the kids decorate a sign and stay up and come to the airport... they were SO excited!!!

 Impatiently waiting for her to arrive!

She's HERE!!!!!

The next morning they got some presents!

 Awesome books from Aunt Heather!

 A cool book and some fun bins from Grandma

 Playing cars on Friday =)

 This was only the beginning of books that Grandma would read to them!!!

After they dropped us at the airport on Saturday morning, they headed to the zoo for a few hours with a picnic lunch!

 In the Tropical Rainforest

 Just the girls

 Thanks for taking these, Keenan!   So glad to have her in some!

 The kids peeking from behind the waterfall

 Keenan and Moriah in front of the leopard enclosure

 At the park

 The lions were quite active (and not just sleeping like usual)

 Pretty lioness

 Proud male, looking very handsome

 Moriah bought this pretty parasoul in the zoo giftshop

Playing Dixit

The rest of these are after we got back...

Mom and the kids met us at the airport on Thursday afternoon (after a busy day of CC for all of them!)  We were SO glad to see them all!   They had lots to tell us about their week together (they had so much fun and my mom did such a wonderful job juggling our crazy schedule!)   We showed them all our trip pictures on the big screen downstairs before bed..

 Friday morning we all went out for breakfast at Jimmy's Egg! So fun!

From there, Philip went to work and the rest of us drove to Cox Farm pumpkin patch and met up with a bunch of friends from CC!

 The kids loved playing on these bales (Keenan ended up covered in scratches but said it was worth it!)

 Heading into the corn maze.    Our group got horribly lost...

 ...and we ended up taking a "shortcut" out (Mom was a great sport!)

 Caleb on the "cow train"

 Moriah and some friends

 Crazy girl

 Keenan milking the cow =)

 Caleb loved feeding the goats

 Moriah with the deer

 Mom and daughter selfie on the hayride

 Two big wagons ready to roll!

 The kids got to choose a pumpkin each

 Looks heavy!

 I love this picture of all of us!

 My three punkin's

 Moriah's last picture before losing another bottom tooth!

Mom bought Mexican Train for the kids and taught them how to play - they are addicted and we played 15 games of it before she left! =)

To me, her visit seemed short because I really only got 2.5 days with her, but she was here for 8.5 days and I know my dad missed her....   Still, it was soo hard to say goodbye today (Sat).   Mom, we LOVED having you here, what a blessing your visit was to all of us!   We love you!


Mark and Rebekah said...

This post makes my heart happy! Mom, you did an awesome job and I can tell by the smiles that the kids loved having you! So sweet! One of my favorite pictures was the one when they met you at the airport and you're walking towards them.
Joia, I'm sorry you didn't have a longer visit with Mom, but what special memories for your kids!
Love you all, and am thankful for the time you got to spend together :)

Mom W. said...

It was a great time, I loved it and I didn't spoil them too much!! ;)

Looking forward to seeing you in April!!!