Sunday, September 25, 2016

Anniversary Trip 2016 - Day Two (Our 12th Anniversary!)

Happy 12th Anniversary to us!!

Even though they had to leave early to sing with the worship team, Andrew and Bethany made us a delicious breakfast first!  

What a good looking couple! =)

Their dog, Reecy, is Such a sweet, mild mannered dog!   I LOVE her!

One picture of the inside of their camper - they have made such a nice home of it!

On the way to Gatlinburg, we stopped and had our lunch at this 150 year old (still working!) mill.  It was beautiful!

We drove on the Newfound Gap pass through the Smokeys.   The roads were so windy that I started to get carsick while driving!   We were really hoping to get out and see the view from Clingman's Dome, but when we got up there, it was sooo crowded, we would have had to park Far away and walk back, so we decided to keep going.

One snap of the view I was able to jump out and get while we were waiting in traffic

My favorite picture of the day!

Our condo in Gatlinburg was waay up a steep, turny road.   It was so steep that several times, I actually felt like the car might tip over backwards!!

Each one had a fun, unique name!

It was super cozy inside



Fun, spiral stairs up to the loft

I thought this was super cute =)

After dumping our stuff, we went to the horseback riding place:

So many gorgeous horses!

My pretty horse, Buttermilk

Philip on Homer

Rebekah was right, it Is quite difficult taking pictures on horseback ;)   The rest of these are a little blurry...

Philip and Homer brought up the rear

We did a six mile trail ride with a guide and three others

The trail was Really steep in parts, I sure was glad I was being carried!

This one is blurry, but I really like it

We were both glad our ride was any longer, and the hour and a half was plenty!!   Our rears were a little sore...

View of Mount LeConte off in the distance (where we were hiking to the next day)

The Old Mill restaurant in Pigeon Forge where we had dinner that night 
(the portions were possibly the biggest I'd ever seen!    We both took leftovers back to the condo for breakfast the next morning)

This parking job (and sign)  outside the restaurant were just too funny not to take a picture

12 years... we have SO much to be grateful for and I am blessed to be Philip's wife.   Happy Anniversary, Babe!

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Mom W. said...

The dog in SC was pretty nice looking... and so was the couple! ;)