Saturday, September 24, 2016

Anniversary Trip 2016 - Day One

On Saturday morning, mom and the kids dropped us at the airport.    On the way to our flight, we ran into our friends, Matt and Emily, who were on our flight!

We sat and chatted at our gate and found out they were on their way to Ireland for ten days!

The clouds were soo beautiful from above them!   I told Philip I'd love to skydive (slowly, somehow) through a cloud to see what it was like to be inside one).  Little did I know I'd see what the inside of a cloud looked like in just a few days...

We only had one flight, since we were headed to Atlanta, and on to South Carolina (by car) from there.
Our rental car, a Ford Fiesta, was a Delightful (to me) lime green!   We couldn't possibly lose It in the parking lot! =)

Philip needed one more geocache for the Jasmer challenge (log a cache placed in every single month since geocaching started in 2000!)  We did a pretty, 2 mile hike through the woods and he found it easily (I was so glad, because it was pretty warm!)


He got what he wanted, so on the way back we got what I wanted... a picture of the two of us in a pretty creek bed.    The first time we did it, it flashed, and we decided to turn it off...but the rest of the ten shots continued to fire while Philip was on his way to the camera.   Totally unplanned, we both started goofing off for the remainder of the shots.   Haha!

This one makes me laugh!

There we go!


Well, we made it!   It wasn't quite what I was expecting =)
(This was a small town in SC on the way to Andrew and Bethany's)

We didn't get to Andrew and Bethany's until after dark, but Andrew had a flood light hooked up so we could still see and tour their new house project!    I hadn't seen the plans before, so it was soo much fun getting a "tour" of the whole place and envisioning how beautiful it's going to be!

Andrew and Bethany with Reecy in the living room! =)

We loved checking out their adorable, temporary home, too!

They accommodated us very nicely in their shop!   This tent is HUGE!

Nice bed...

...and a gorgeous bathroom!

Goodnight, South Carolina!

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Mark and Rebekah said...

I think one of my favorite feelings is the feeling of "heading out on an adventure"! This looks like so much fun!!!
And awesome pictures from Andrew and Bethany's! I'm pretty excited about their new house so it was nice to see another view (as in a different view from hanging in a high tree 😂) Glad you could spend some time with them! And I love your guest room! Very nice!