Monday, August 29, 2016

Tiara Triathlon 2016

Tiara Tri time again!

I have been looking forward to this race since we did it last year!!    Melissa and I were joined by two friends this year (and we're hoping to again double our attendance next year!)  =)

Melissa and Devin picked up my bike and I shortly after 5 am, and then we picked up Devin's sister, Tiara from her hotel in El Dorado before arriving at the race site shortly after 6.   We got our spots in transition (exactly where we were last year!) picked up our race packets, got our body marking done and waited for the sun to come up.

Michaela (the experienced triathlete in our group) arrived a while later and racked her bike with ours.

Melissa, Tiara, Me and Michaela
(Notice my suit says, "Swim, Bike, Mom!")  I love it! =)

Haha!  I love that one of the volunteers photo bombed this one

Into the swim!

The course was definitely longer this year than last year!!

Okay, one event down!

Off on the bike!

I cut over a minute off my bike time this year (thanks, Jeff Doolittle for tuning it for me!) and my max speed was 30 miles an hour!

Back into transition...

My transitions were faster this year, too

Let's go!

A smile for my fam!
(This race bib belt was a wonderful gift from Rebekah - and saves me time and keeps me from having to make holes in my suit with safety pins!  Yay!)

Crossing the last bridge before turning in to the finish

Oh, sweet finish line!


All four of us at the finish!

These woman are so awesome!
(Michaela, in the blue, finished 5th Overall, even after a bike wreck and having to put her chain back on!   She's an animal!)

My sweet support team!
(Thanks for getting up so early and cheering me on!)

The numbers from this year's race:

400 meter swim, 9.5 mile bike and 3 mile run.

I placed 19th out of 76 individuals (there were teams as well)
My time was 1:12:48
I placed 33rd in the swim (compared to 52nd last year)
My swim time was 10:24
I placed 14th in the bike (compared to 32 last year)
My bike time was 32:04.
I placed 33 in the run (compared to 26 last year)
My run time was 28:18.

We left early because we had checked the results and figured I hadn't placed, but I found out on the way home that I had actually placed 3rd in my age category!  Fun!

 This year's shirt and medal

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Shambach's said...

Way to go Joia! Wish we lived closer - I'd totally train for one of these with you! I'd need some swimming practice, but ohhh it would be fun!