Sunday, August 7, 2016

Rock River Rapids

On Friday morning, we watched the kid's friends, Moriah and Charlie for a few hours.

Moriah and Caleb being super heroes

When Michaela picked up her kids, she took our Moriah and Caleb with them to the zoo for a few hours...

Moriah, Caleb and Moriah in front of the elephant exhibit

Keenan and I got some time to hang on our own (a rarity), so we had lunch, watched an episode of his favorite show and then went for a six mile bike ride!  

We stopped at Quick Trip on the way back to cool off =)

After lunch, we headed to a small water park in Derby called Rock River Rapids.   The kids did the summer reading program at the Derby library and part of their prizes was tickets to RRR, so we all got in for free!   Way to go, Keenan and Moriah!!

Anxious to get at it!

Philip was working on base this weekend, so I was on my own, and it was a bit of a challenge keeping tabs on all three, but we managed and had a lot of fun!

This is where Caleb hung out mostly

Having a blast!

Keenan jumping off the high dive!

Splashing up the wheelchair ramp

So fun to catch both kids on the climbing walls at the same time!

Moriah did it a bunch of times!

Happy sibs

Moriah and Caleb are both still too short to do any of the slides, but Keenan can ride all of them

Ready to do the lazy river
(I was hoping to be able to take both kids at the same time, but could only take one, so Keenan watched Caleb while Moriah and I went and then I switched kids.

Livin' the life

Keenan's favorite slide.   He rode it 24 times!

Silly boys at dinner that night

Haha!   I think this is so funny!


Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow! I love this blog post bonanza :) It's nice to have something to read on a long, boring trip :)

The water park looks like so much fun!

Mom W. said...

Love the crossed eyes, so funny!! Good that they can do it!!!

Sorry I took so long catching up with this blog post!!!