Monday, August 29, 2016

Open House to Celebrate the Pennys!

Three hours after we got back from the triathlon, we had an open house here for the Pennys. They are adopting TWINS next month!

Melissa's parents were in town and it was so much fun to have them here!    Michelle was super sweet and ran the kitchen beautifully (and even cleaned up after!) and Charlie brought his Margarita machine and it was the highlight of the party! =)

The science of margaritas

Here are a bunch of people most of you don't know (and I don't know a couple of them), but this is who was here:

Janita, Lindsay, Elsie, Eden

Tam, Ruby, Moriah, Eden

This is NOT what I ordered from Costco, but it was delicious nonetheless!  Haha! =)

Kelly and Dawnita

Michelle (Melissa's mom) and Tiara (Devin's sister)

Some of the dudes present:
Charlie (Melissa's dad), Ben (Kelly's husband), Devin and James (Devin's BIL)

Melissa, Jessica and Kelly

Some of the gifts!

Mel and I

Holly and two friends I don't know

Lindsay, Eden and Christa

Tiara, James and Lacey (the one with Devin's kidney!)

Nick and Michaela

Michelle and Charlie again

Bonnie, Heather, Charis and Katie

Drew and Josh being hams

Devin and Melissa hamming it up over gifts =)

This was Such a fun time!   I'm so glad that so many people came out to celebrate Devin and Melissa, and am so grateful for all the sweet friends who pitched in to help with food, etc... it was the most stress free party I've ever hosted!

Cannot WAIT for that little boy and girl to make their appearance SOON!

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Mom W. said...

How fun, Oh the anticipation!!!