Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kid's Neighborhood Triathlon!

We've been talking for a long time about having the kids do a little tri, but haven't been able to enter them in an official race yet.   The day after my tri, we decided to set one up for them in our neighborhood! =)

This first picture is from a picnic we had at High Park in Derby the other day...

 These geese were quite entertaining and bold!

 Sunday morning game fun =)

Okay, on to the tri!

My job was timer/photographer... which proved to be quite a challenge all at once!   Philip managed the distances and went with the kids on the bike and run portions.

Ready to swim!   How adorable is she in my swim cap?? =)

 Not a great picture, but this is Keenan swimming

Riah swimming

 Transition time!

 This will take some practice... they used a LOT of time in transition =)


 Off on the bike! (You can see Riah in the left of the pic)

 Moriah heading back in from the bike


 Caleb was the water boy =)

 Off she goes!

 Run, Riah!

 Keenan coming in from his (much longer) bike

 Get out there, Keenan!

 Off he goes!

 Here she comes, in to the finish!

 Big smile

Caleb congratulating her =)

 Keenan coming around on his first loop

 Greeting a fan

 Philip ran the last loop with him

 Almost done!

 Smiling in to the finish

 So proud of these two!!!

 They both agreed they need much more practice, but I think they came away with a little more appreciation and respect for the event. =)


Keenan's total time was 25:18
He swam 75 meters in 1:24
He rode 3 miles in 11:22
He ran 1 mile in 9:32

Moriah's total time was 16:57
She swam 30 meters in 47 seconds
She rode 1 mile in 7:50
She ran 1/2 mile in 5:07


The Woodfords said...

What a fun idea!! Great job, Keenan and Moriah on your first Tri, and Caleb for being such a great encourager and water boy! 😃
Love to you all!
Auntie Steph

Mom W. said...

Wow, how fun!!! I have a feeling they will want to make this an annual (biannual?) event!! Great job Keenan and Moriah and Caleb and Philip and Joia!!!!! A family project with cooperation from all!!! =)

Shambach's said...

What a super fun way to spend the day! Looks like the kids had fun! I'll bet Soren would totally be up for this - except that he can't swim very well just yet, but he'd be all into the running and biking parts! Wish we lived closer!