Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Kansas City (NCFMRS Conference) Trip July 27-30,2016

The 27th was mostly driving.   We did a couple caches and had lunch at a pretty park and the kids played on the playground.  We got into KC int he late afternoon, Philip registered for his conference, we checked into our hotel, got settled and walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

Unfortunately, the pool was being renovated, so we didn't have much to do.    On the 28th, I opted to check out the Kansas City Zoo the next day to keep us from going stir crazy in the hotel room.   It turned out to be a pretty great zoo (though it was SO HOT out!!)

They had a fun sea lion show that we went to first

How adorable are these snuggled up otters???


I don't remember what either of these guys were

This guy was sitting so still we almost wondered if he was fake!

We had lunch in the cafeteria (to enjoy the A/C and charge my phone) and then headed back out into the heat.   

Pretty giraffes

This is a Sand Cat - super cute!!!

Love this silly monkey!

Taking a break in a shady tree before making the sunny walk back across the bridge to the main part of the zoo

Keenan sitting on a burning hot hippo at the playground!

Check out this cool horned snake!

We just caught a glimpse of a polar bear going for a swim on our way by out tot he exit, but settled for a picture with this guy

The A/C in the van quit working on our way to the zoo, so on the morning of the 29th, I dropped it at a Honda dealer (they gave us a Jeep Compass rental) and we carried on with our day.   We went to a pretty park, the kids played, and we walked (or ran, depending on who you were - Moriah ran 1.25 miles) on a loop around a lake.

Then we drove to a splash pad we had found on our way to a car wash the night before.   They needed some reprieve from the heat!

Splashy, sunny kids

(Unfortunately, shortly after this photo, Moriah slipped on a slick spot and totally skinned her elbow, so she didn't enjoy the rest of our time here)..

...but the boys sure did!

After this we walked across the street to some shade and had a picnic in the grass.

We went back to the hotel for naps, watched way too much kid's TV, and then joined Philip and a bunch of Via Christi people (and interested med students) at Buca di Beppo, a yummy Italian restaurant for dinner.   Caleb entertained everyone. =)

The next morning, while waiting for the van to be done, we visited the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead:

Admission was only $2 each!

One of our first stops was this one room school house, where the kids were super interested to hear the schoolmarm (who knew that was one word!?) tell us about the history of it

This was a super cool Kanza Indian dugout


Fun teepee

Yup, still a sucker for bees on flowers =)

These bikes and tractors were super popular and it was hard to squeeze in a turn!

Watching a blacksmith

Like I said, admission was only $2, but there was a ton of things you could pay extra to do.   We kept it cheap and only bought candy sticks in the general store, and spent 25 cents each for the kids to get goat food...

...which was a lot of fun!

Keenan took this (you can't tell because he's co close, but the goat actually has it's hooves right up on me to get the food!

We stopped at Sonic after leaving, and the van still wasn't done, so we headed back into the city to catch Philip and his crew at their booth at the convention before it ended.    After cleaning up, we all headed to lunch at Gordon Biersch Brewery.   There was a ton of people (more students to talk to about the program) and it was pretty loud and crazy..

Fortunately our friend, Michaela, and her kids sat with us and she had a great bag of tricks to keep everyone happy! =)

After lunch, our friends, John and Amy dropped Keenan and I off at the dealership where the van was finally ready.   Philip picked up James Haynes (his former program director from Eglin, who was at the conference representing his residency in Chatanooga) who was coming home with us for a few days.    They picked us up, we cranked the A/C and headed HOME!

*This is the part where I do a plug for the new Walmart Grocery Pick Up service.   Have you heard of this?   At participating stores, you place your order online, and then choose a store and pick up time.   Go to the store, park in a special spot, let them know you're there, and they bring your groceries out to your car!     I had done this once before (a couple weeks ago) and decided this would be the perfect thing to do when returning from a trip to an empty fridge!    While we were in KC, I placed an order for all the basics (milk, bread, lunch meat, cheese, veggies, fruit, etc) and then we just picked it up on our way home - bam!

After 15 days, over 3,000 miles and 7 different beds, it was good to be home!!

Dr. Haynes stayed a few days with us, met our house church friends, took a tour of Philip's program and gave a lecture, before flying home on Tuesday morning.  He is such a wonderful person and friend and the kids Adore him!

Just before Philip took him to the airport

* On Sunday, 24 hours after we'd picked up the van from Honda, the A/C quit again, soo.... the kids and I got to spend four hours at the Honda dealership here in Wichita on Monday, getting something Else fixed that the first guys hadn't caught!   Frustrating, but man, is it good to have air conditioning!


Aunt Heather said...

They do that grocery pick up at our Zehrs and it's tempting..really not very expensive.

Aunt Heather said...

Another thought...I've read somewhere that KC has a terrific old style downtown that's worth shopping for the next time you go there.

Mark and Rebekah said...

What a ripper about the hotel pool! I know you guys look forward to that part of Philip's conferences. It looks like you all still managed to have a good time, but with all those annoyances, I'm sure it was SO NICE to get back home! Definitely a nice part of any trip :)