Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Travel from Michigan to Kansas City

On the 26th, we left Crystal Mountain and drove to the Little Sable Point Lighthouse overlooking Lake Michigan.

 What a gorgeous day!

We climbed the tiny, windy stairs all the way to the top - 92 feet up!

 Taking a breather

 The view was beautiful!

 ...especially with these three in it!

Keenan took this one of us and I think it's my favorite of the two of us from this trip!

We had lunch at a state park and let the kids play for a bit and then drove into Indiana...

...where we were in the land of wind turbines again...there were SO MANY stretching off into the distance in every direction!!

We went for a hike/geocache at a beautiful park before heading to our hotel...

Just before starting the hike

There was a cool suspension bridge!

Love this

Pretty river

Practicing my manual focusing =)

The hike was beautiful and soo lush and green and cool

They found the cache (hanging under a bridge)

Family snap

So green and peaceful

The kids loved scrabbling over these huge rocks

My sweet fam in the evening light

Love these kids so much!

Another random flower

I love covered bridges, so we stopped and Philip and I got out and checked it out

So pretty!

We stayed the night in Terra Haute, IN that night.

* I don't think I mentioned that our friend, Lindsay, gave us two audio books before this trip, Brother Andrew and Eric Liddell!    They are both fantastic and helped pass the time on many, many miles as we drove!

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