Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pre-Blogapoloosa Catch Up

In less than 24 hours, we'll be with ALL of my family for a few days... which is going to produce a crazy amount of blog fodder, so I figured I'd better catch up on our recent randoms before that happens! =)

Life looks a LOT like this in our house... Keenan and Moriah spend time sorting these and making new projects almost daily...

They do make for fun photos


Just a snap of my oldest when I told him he didn't have to pose =)

A couple shots of Moriah after I finished a shoot for a friend.

Beautiful park and beautiful girl!

Last Saturday we had the Penny kids and their friend, Sean, over for the morning so Devin and Melissa could go out...

We spent most of the time at the pool:

These two are such great friends

They actually jumped into the pool hugging like this =)

Smiley Treyson

What a goof!

Sean's birthday had been just a couple days before so we surprised him with some decorations and a cookie cake

Our friends, the Longas (who had the premature baby a couple months ago) came on Saturday evening and stayed until Monday afternoon, since they had a check up for the baby.   The kids all picked right back up where they left off!   It was also great to have the Longas join us for house church on Sunday, so our friends who had been praying so much for them and baby Joshua could meet him!  * Philip and Amy had also never had the chance to meet until this visit.

Rachel and Moriah (dressed to match)

All the crazy kids (except the baby)

Finally a picture of the whole family together!
(Jesse, Amy, George, Rachel, Joshua and Thomas)

What a precious boy!
(He now weighs more than 3 times his birth weight!)

On Tuesday we took Dinner to our friends, the Doolittles, who recently had baby Josephine join their family (five weeks early!)

It was so much fun to get to meet and hold her for the first time!

Wednesday was spent trying to get things sort of organized for our trip and Thursday, Friday and Saturday (9-4) the kids and I were at a Classical Conversations Practicum all day!   The kids were in fun camps (Caleb was in Play Camp, Moriah in GeoDraw Camp, and Keenan in Heroes of History Camp).   They had a Blast!   I was in speaker sessions each morning and in tutor training each afternoon.   It was great, and always encourages me and helps motivate me for another year of homeschooling, but I REALLY hope that practicum and leaving on a two week trip never run into each other again!

Soo excited for tomorrow!!

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Mom W. said...

Oh, the baby is so small, and cute!!! The cottage was SO much fun!!!