Saturday, July 9, 2016

July Jollies

Some randomness to start of my rush of July blogging...

A fun shot of Keenan and Moriah doing a cool gymnastic-y trick (that Tim said we did as kids, but I don't remember!)

A post run game of memory 

Keenan is now on our lawn mowing team!
(He and I actually "tag team" cut the grass the other day when it was 96 out, we each took turns, 10 minutes at a time and it was Awesome!

Philip let the kids have the (rare) treat of playing in the sprinklers

This is the life

Keenan using the super cool folding board I made after seeing it here

We had the "first Wednesday" gathering here two weeks ago, actually on the last Wednesday of the month! =)   It was a great turnout as a bunch of the brand new interns and their spouses came!

I love seeing our house this full =)

Because what else would you do with the granola that your mom made and let you sample?

Canada Day!!!   There wasn't a ton of hoopla around here, but the great thing is, we still got fireworks, since people around here set them off for a week or more, surrounding the 4th! =)

I love these shirts we've collected from various friends the last couple years

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