Thursday, July 21, 2016

Canada Trip 2016 - Part Two

On the 20th, we took the kids down to the beach on Georgian Bay to swim in the morning.   It was WAY too cold for me to even consider swimming (I barely stuck my toe in), but the kids had a blast!

Caleb had fun playing with Uncle Mark

Moriah and Alisa

Love this one

Smiley Vivi

After getting back, everyone headed for the hot tub!!

Philip found a hike/4 stage geocache that most of us went on that afternoon while Mom and a couple parents stayed back with the little ones...

Happy hikers!

This is where it got "real" and we had to climb down into the cave-y part of the trail

So pretty!

Bummed that this turned out blurry, but this is most of the group in a very cold (we could see our breath!) part of the trail where the rocks towered above us!

Some parts had really narrow passageways

With Bethany and Ada on a tiny bridge

Oh, boys....

My dad and brothers decided to "make the trail more safe" by pushing over some really old, dead trees

Grandpa and Vivi (with a feather in her hair)

I love this cousin one

The sisters, minus Steph (with Mika standing in)

Andrew found a great spot and set up his repelling gear.   He, Tim, Mark and Bethany all did it!

When we got back, Mark and Rebekah treated us all to Swiss Chalet for dinner!   What an awesome treat!!

That evening we had a "talent show" of sorts and several of us performed songs we had put dance moves to...

The crowd waiting for the show to start

Steph and her girls did an Excellent job with their song, "Thrive" by Mercy Me

The kids and I did "Diamonds" by Hawk Nelson

Caleb had only ever done a small part of the song with us, but was super brave and joined us for the whole thing! =)

Then Moriah and Philip did their flip over move...

...and Caleb wanted to try too =)

Mark and Rebekah took home the prize with their stellar performance of "Splish Splash!"

I don't think I was the only one who almost peed my pants during this

Mark even wore coconuts!!!

These two are beyond awesome

Thank you two for all your hard work - it was the BOMB!!

Some of the Mexico Woodfords singing, "Oh Magnify the Lord"

We rallied the Quintet to sing, "How Deep the Father's Love For Us"
Man, is was it ever good to hear those guys sing again!!

I LOVE this picture that Rebekah took of Mom and I!
Soo proud of you, Mom, you look fantastic!!

Oh, the family picture...  After Much cajoling and rearranging and about 40 shots, we got a few good ones... =)

Soo thankful for this bunch!

Rebekah took this one, and I really like it!

Tim and Steph, Marika, Shealyn, Kyla, Vivian, Alisa, Nathaniel and Gwendalyn

Tim and Steph

Mom and Dad

Rob and Ada, Brayden, Joshua, Galina and Oliva

Andrew and Bethany

Mark and Rebekah

All the handsome boys

All 14 grandkids!

* I have no photos of the events of the rest of the evening, but after the kids went to bed, a night of hilarity ensued for the adults.    I think we were all a little over tired and giddy, because there was a ball fight (including balls being thrown up into the ceiling fan), songs sung (funny ones and serious ones), stories told, and so, so, so much laughing - maybe the best part of that whole visit! =)

The next morning was a flurry of packing up and getting the house put back in order.   We were the first to leave and I had a good cry as we drove away... a year (or more) is soo long to go between visits.    We had a WONDERFUL time though and I cherish every minute!!


Mom W. said...

So, so fun, thanks for sharing the pictures!!!!

Aunt Heather said...

So that was the dance! Rebekah tried to persuade Mark to do it again on Saturday but nothing doin'!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love the picture of the little kids in a line, digging is so cute!

All these pictures are adorable!

Thanks so much for taking those beautiful family pictures :)

Love you and I'm so thankful you make it a priority to come home and visit!