Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Canada Trip 2016 - Part One

FINALLY getting caught up on blogging from our trip!
(Yes, I dated these for the dates they are actually from, not when I am doing them, so they'll actually be in the month they happened!)

On the 16th, after three full days of C.C. practicum for the kids we raced home and loaded the last few things into the van and hit the road!

We drove about 5 hours to Macon, MO and spent the night.

This is the ONLY travel picture I took =)

We drove all day on the 17th, and made it to Lansing, MI, where we had a delicious dinner at Cheddar's and hit the hay.

On the 18th, we had a long and stressful day of travel, including a (frustratingly long) stop at the mall in Sarnia at a phone store to get a SIM card so we could use Philip's phone in Canada (I bought some cute sandals while we waited).   We were running late by the time we got to Blue Mountain, but grabbed some pizzas and showed up to the vacation rental where we were greeted by Tim and Steph, Rob and Ada and Mom and Dad (the rest arrived not too long after).   What a full, loud and happy house!

On the 19th, the kids entertained themselves pretty well, running around in packs, making a fort, playing with playdough and having a grand old time!

Check out this amazing alligator Shaelyn made!

Happy kids picking apples for their fort

Watching some of the snails they caught

This might be the closest I've ever gotten to a snail

How adorable is this???

Rebekah did beautiful hairdos on most of the nieces - so talented!

Some of the littles goofing around with Grandpa

Sweet Olivia

Uncle Jim, Aunt Nora and Uncle Dave made the trek up to see us all on Tuesday!

Checking out the plans for Andrew and Bethany's new house!

Some of the cousins played Pandemic with Philip and Keenan

Rebekah arranged some fun water games

Each team had to pass water in cups over their heads to the back of the line

Loving it

He wasn't too bad at it, either!

Water balloon volleyball

After the organized games were over, things got crazy and it just turned into an all out water fight...

Uncle Tim getting the kids


Caleb's got the hose!

Cookie face =)

Sweet smile from Gwennie

That evening, (at Rebekah's suggestion), while Mark distracted Tim away from the house, the rest of us dressed up like old people and decorated the house for a surprise (early) birthday party for Tim's 40th!    SOOO much fun!

My two little old men

Moriah and Alisa

Rob and Ada nailed it in their awesome outfits!

I love how serious he looks here

My lovely elderly sisters and I =)

Love these four so much!

Could we be any more awesome?

Andrew and Bethany did a fantastic job of "elderly-ing" themselves!

Our whole old family ;)

Some cute little old ladies

My "elderly" parents - soo funny!

Tim with the cane we bought him (complete with pill bottle, magnifying glass, false teeth, etc

Tim with his bride

Mark and Rebekah went the extra mile with awesome wigs!!

The couple of the hour

Tim and Steph and their old family

The whole gang (with our old people expressions on)

Possibly my favorite picture of all time

Us being our stylishly old (and strange) selves

Love this guy!

This makes me smile

Mom made these cupcakes and Rebekah bought the cute toppers!

The old guy himself

With Uncle Jim and Aunt Nora
(thank you so much for making the effort to come see us and for all the special treats you brought for the kids!)

With my Uncle Dave

Grandpa squishing Caleb's face while he says, "Mama, mama, my face is caught in the door!" =)

Volleyball later that evening

* I love how much we fit into each day!!


Mom W. said...

So fun!!! Makes me laugh all over again!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

SO MANY fun pictures :) Thanks for posting Joia. I love all the happy memories they represent!

And SO MANY CUTE kids! My goodness! Woodford / Dooley kids are adorable!

I think the 40th Birthday family picture is one of my favourite pictures ever! I LOVE being part of this family!