Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bear Lake Michigan 2016

We LOVE being at Bear Lake!

We arrived in the evening on the 21st, and the kids and Philip immediately went out on the boat (to do some swimming in the middle of the lake), while I chatted with Aunt Mary and got our room set up.

The next morning, Uncle Bob took Caleb, Moriah and I out in his sailboat - how fun!

Getting ready

Uncle Bob was very kind and patient to teach us all the things about ducking, moving the mast, etc

I like this shot Philip got with the other sail boat in the background

There was a LOT of kayaking this year!

Before Uncle Ty, Aunt Mary, Taylor and Davis left on Friday, Uncle Ty took us out to do some tubing...

The kids with Taylor

Keenan and Moriah were first out

So much fun!

This is the life =)

Caleb even went out with me!

Taylor and I did a few runs...and laughed a LOT!!!

Moriah back out

Handsome wind blown boys

Taylor and Moriah holding hands

Moriah was brave and sat all the way up!

Taylor and Keenan

Wait for it....


Uncle Bob taking some others out

I tried the stand up paddle board for the first time ever - it's harder than it looks! =)

Philip and Caleb heading out in the kayak

Papa time on the hammock

We took shrimp boil and it was enjoyed by all!

Even Caleb wanted to try out the kayak!

He did Amazingly well!

So cute

Keenan is much better on the paddle board than I

Double riders!

Go Moriah!

On the 23rd, Caleb went for an early morning walk with Uncle Bob.

Here are some "nature things" that Caleb and Moriah collected

Dad took this shot down from the deck

Philip did really well on the paddle board, too!

Family photo on the lake

... not wanting to be left out, Caleb had to try it, too!

What a little stud!

Caleb running up the 130 steps!

On the (rainy) morning of the 24th, it was time to pack up and say goodbye...

Grandma, Uncle Bo, Megan, Uncle Tim, Liam and Emma

All of us with Dad

Another Wonderful, fun and relaxing time at the lake!

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Mom W. said...

I hadn't seen this, we're at R and A's, wow, great pictures Joia!!