Saturday, June 25, 2016

Via Christi Graduation 2016

Saturday the 18th was Philip's first time in the driver's seat for graduation!    It was a wonderful evening and makes us realize even more why we chose this program to call home.

My and my hot date

I took a Lot more pictures on this night, but for the blog, decided to just concentrate on the graduates (I put the name of the graduate first in each couple photo):

Our friends, Brett and Alison (graduating from the International Fellowship)

Dan and Mindy

Sun Min and Angela (they were staying in our house at the time)

Michael and Kristen

Aaron and Logan

Garrett and Lindsay

John and Lauren

Some beautiful friends, Lindsay, Lauren and Angela

Ah Rim and Min Soo (three weeks married!)

Scarlett and Andy 

Joe and Signee (got married 48 hours later)

Jera and Trent

(These two aren't a couple) ;)  Casey, on the left graduated from the international fellowship

Brett and Felishia (who gave birth the next day!)

Vu (she's the tall one in the middle)

Bonnie and Brandon (both graduates)

Bonnie and Josh

Jennifer and Matt

Andrew (second from left)

Jessica and Richard

Philip did an amazing job all night, emceeing, speeching, and presenting.  I'm so proud of him!

He and Andrew just before we left 

Jennifer (an amazing staff wife) and I

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