Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer Fun!

Philip and I went to a beautiful outdoor wedding, without kids (I think for the first time ever since we Had kids!) on Sunday.
Ah Rim and Min Soo!

So fun to not have to chase any kids around! =)

The location was beautiful, a farm out in the middle of nowhere.   There were a few (terrifying!) rain drops during the ceremony, but thankfully the weather held out and it was beautiful!

Inside the barn

This was Awesome!

Pretty dessert table

Delicious Asian food

At the reception

With the beautiful bride!

One of my favorite things about the reception was that they had several polaroid cameras for people to take pictures of themselves, and then use tiny clothespins to hook them on a board so they would have a "photo guestbook".  We also got to take one for ourselves - super cute!

On Monday we went to a surprise birthday party/kickball game for our friend, Ben.    I asked Philip what kickball was and he said, "You've never played kickball??"   Turns out, when I was growing up, we called it "soccer baseball".    It's so funny to me that we've been married for over 11 years, and we're still finding out American/Canadian differences. ;)

Moriah hung out with the babies instead of playing =)

Philip and Keenan had a great time!

My friend, Lauren, and Graciana (who's birth I photographed!)   
Isn't she a doll??

I was Thrilled when our friend, Lindsay, (who did all the flowers for the wedding), said that anyone who wanted to could come get flowers, as she had tons from the wedding and was heading out of town!    Yes, please!

On the table...

...on the mantle

Moriah's room...

...this Giant peony on my bathroom counter makes me so happy!

Monday evening we had the Pennys over for a BBQ.   

This is the only picture I took, but it sure is cute! =)

 Keenan and Moriah set up a scavenger hunt for me all around the house.   This first clue was hanging outside my bedroom door =)

First swim of the season in our neighborhood pools on Tuesday evening!  (Just the kids, Philip and I weren't about to go in!)

 Happy, happy kids!!!

 What goofy kids we have

 The next time we went to the pool, Caleb discovered he could stand up in one of them - so exciting!! =)

A game of checkers with Daddy before work!

I've used my dutch oven three times already!

Look at this beautiful bread!

This roasted chicken was AMAZING!!!   The recipe is here.

On Wednesday night, we did a coke and mentos show in the driveway for some neighborhood kids =)

We hot glued Six mentos together in a stack!

Keenan jumping back after the drop


Haha!   Caleb is getting out of there!

Philip started up the chiminea and found that the top provided the perfect heat for toasting marshmallows!

This was on Keenan's summer bucket list =)

He cracks me up
Perfect S'more!

A "serve yourself rainbow lunch" 
We are eating a Ton of meals outside now and loving it!


Mom W. said...

The flowere - beautiful!! Moriah and the babies =)

Mark and Rebekah said...

Were you saying this was your first wedding without kids? Or your first time alone without kids?

It was a beautiful wedding and you and Philip looked stunning :)

Haha about Kickball. We've ALWAYS called it soccer baseball, but a few years ago some of the kids started calling it kickball. Now I'd say we use both interchangeably at school.

I love all the flowers around your house. And it seems like your kids are getting even more fun and more imaginative. I love how many fun things they're thinking up for you :)

Drew Watts said...

This outdoor wedding looks great! I am going to attend a destination wedding at one of popular Seattle convention center. All of us are very excited for this wedding as it will be our first trip to Seattle and have high expectations.