Sunday, June 19, 2016

Speedy Summer!

Oh man, I feel like summer is speeding by so fast already!! Here is a quick catch up of our last couple weeks:

On Saturday, the 4th, the kids went to a free swim class at the Wichita Swim Club.    Keenan and Moriah really enjoyed it, and I think it was great to get Caleb prepped for his two weeks of swim lessons at the Y that started two days later.

Keenan and Moriah got an instructor all to themselves!

Caleb was Not impressed that I couldn't be right beside the pool, and acted pretty unhappy anytime he knew I was watching (but did great if he couldn't see me - stinker!)

Keenan working on his stroke

Moriah learning to side kick

Later that day we went to a baby shower for a friend of mine at the park:

It was a "woodland animals" theme and these cookies were amazing!
(A moose, porcupine and squirrel)

Look at that amazing cake!

Caleb gave us all a scare by disappearing at one point.   The park was Full of people Everywhere and I was starting to get Really scared... when one of my friends saw his head pop up out of a tree.   (Everyone but me thought it was pretty funny).

My great friend, Rebekah's sister, Sarah stayed a night with us and I hosted a party for her "Whimsicals Paperie" business.   She is an extremely talented artist and designs, prints and assembles all her own paper products (calenders, journals, address books, cards, advent calenders, quote packs, scripture cards, etc).

Here is her gorgeous set up!

I was disappointed at the number of people that showed (in comparison to the number that said they would come), but we had a great time (eating, hanging out, laughing and shopping) with the ones that came!
Sarah and I
(She looks soo much like Rebekah!)

I stole this picture she took of her daughter, Selah with Keenan and Moriah

I am training for another triathlon right now and am borrowing a friend's (awesome) stationary trainer so I can cycle without having to figure out how to get away without the kids (and it's in the A/C!)   It has a computer program that goes with it that simulates all types of rides.   So far I've done downtown big city rides, paradise island, and Northern France - so fun!

The opportunity to befriend a Ugandan refugee family has continued to be a blessing to our family!   Here are a few (phone) pictures with them:

Keenan and Justice at our first visit

Jane and I

Caleb (what a goof) and Roger

Keenan teaching Justice and Obama how to play Sorry

Me holding sweet, 3 month old, Bahati

There are four other family members who haven't been in pictures yet.   God is teaching me so much through my interactions with this family.   The main one being an understanding of how difficult E.V.E.R.Y. aspect of life is when you come to a new country without a great understanding of the language, culture and workings of daily life.  

A couple Saturdays ago, (while Philip was working on base), I surprised the kids with a breakfast date at Jimmy's Egg:
Like father, like son (Philip apparently used to make structures out of the creamer, etc on the table at restaurants as a kid... sometimes he still does) =)

Sweet boys

Us girls
(Moriah had recently lost a tooth in this picture... here's a better one below)

I was sort of dreading the "missing teeth" look with her, but she's rocking it well! =)

The week of June 6th, the kids were in VBS every night from 5:30 to 8 (which provided 2.5 hours of childcare for us from Mon-Fri!)   One night Philip and I went on a date, and two of the nights (while Philip was in Kansas City), I went out for dinner with girlfriends!   So fun!

Right now we are on day three of house guests for 8 days!   We have our friends, Sun Min and Angela, and their 19 month old, Elias, staying with us for four days, since they are in limbo between houses.   The day that they leave, we will turn the basement around to get ready for Tim and Steph and company to be here for a few days on their way North!    Woohoo!!!


Mom W. said...

Busy, busy you are!!

Yes Rebekah's sister looks So much like her!!! Sorry that more people didn't show u for the party.

Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow! What a summer! Looks like you guys are all keeping happy and busy :)

I love the cake and the cookies from the baby shower! So pretty!

Every time you've posted pictures of Sarah, I've been thinking how much she looks like Rebekah! It's crazy. She has a BEAUTIFUL set up, but I'm sorry the turn out wasn't the best :( Always a disappointment when people don't follow through.

That's an awesome bike thing! I love it! We bought a simple thing that let's you bike inside, but it's a little boring, and we've only used it once or twice... In the winter though, something like this would be cool.

I love the picture of Moriah. She's growing up!

And I meant to write and say, "Enjoy your company" but now that it's over, I hope you're able to rest a little and get back to normal life - whatever that is!

Love you!