Friday, June 3, 2016

Halfway to Seventy!

Wow, this is a super late birthday post!

My 35th birthday was wonderful!

The kids made me stay out of the kitchen and dining room while they prepared a special birthday breakfast and decorated for me!

Look at this!   Candles, freshly picked flowers, beautiful artwork, and a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, strawberries (blackberries underneath) and a clementine!

Love these three thoughtful kids!

Keenan even hung streamers by himself!

My friend, Angela, watched the kids over lunch so I could pick up Chipotle and have lunch at Philip's office with him!

We had delicious burrito bowls

Keenan with some birthday hail (Kansas style confetti)

We had dinner at Jason's Deli.   They have an amazing salad bar (which I love), and FREE ice cream for dessert (which the kids loved!)

(I guess the person taking the picture didn't think we'd want all our food in the pic)

As we were getting up to leave, Caleb and/or Moriah leaned on the table and the whole thing tipped over... hurtling most of our dishes onto the floor...most of which shattered!    Wow!   What a way to make an impression and end my birthday with a bang! =)
(I got to drive Philip's SUV home by myself after that while he drove the kids home in the van - thanks Babe!)  =)

I used birthday money from Mom and Dad, Jeff and Kathleen and Jessica to buy myself this beautiful dutch oven!   I. Love. It!

Philip bought me the Misfit Shine... a fitness tracker similar to a fitbit, but I can swim with it!
This wasn't On my birthday, but on Sunday morning, Dawnita, Melissa and I went out for a delicious brunch at a super cute restaurant we hadn't been to!

So blessed by these two women!

Grateful for another year - 35, bring it on!


Mom W. said...

Too bad about the table and the dishes but I am sure they will examine the stability of their tables in the future.

Looks like it was a super fun Birthday!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Haha. I love your title.

When Mark turned 35, he started calling himself middle-aged (although he randomly makes a point of saying he's young) because he was half-way to three score and ten. I don't think anyone else considers it middle-aged though :)

I love your Dutch Oven and your Misfit. Great gifts :)

The Lookbook said...

Very nice!!
The LookBook