Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tim and Steph's visit June 2016

We Love that we are on Tim and Steph's way to Canada! We had a fantastic two and a half-ish days with them and their precious kiddos!

It makes for such a fun, happy, busy, loud house, and we loved every minute of it!    It is so much fun to see all the kids together, they love each other so much!

On both days, after the kids and I got back from swim lessons at the Y, we headed to our neighborhood pool(s) for about an hour and a half before lunch.   The weather and the water couldn't have been better and the kids had a blast!

The oldest and the youngest (and Shamu)
Moriah chose this when we bought floaties for the kids a few weeks ago.   It was Much larger when we inflated it than we thought it would be and it's hard to fit in the van!   This time, we just put a rope through the handles and threw it on top of the van (which made for a lot of hilarity as it blew around and tried to escape on the half mile drive to the pool) =)

Sunny smiles!

Guys gotta stick together

Keenan and Alisa

These girls tried just about every possible thing with these floaties, I think!

These were fun... it took a few to get at least one with each person in the air ;)

Cool Cousins

Gwennie "jumping" to Tim

These two were nothing short of hilarious the whole time.  They got married (again) and provided us adults with lots of chuckles

Tim got his workout for the day hefting kids into the pool!

Even Caleb wanted to try!  (Notice the big kids waiting to grab him)

This pile of shoes made me so happy =)

My huskin' helpers!

Steph was a huge help to me, making sure Caleb got his 20 minutes of reading in for their summer reading program!

Keenan convinced Mika to play Axis and Allies with him and they spent a LOT of time dominating the world!

Three cuties playing with snap circuits

The magnatiles were a big hit!

Train tracking

I made s'mores in the oven for everyone on Thursday night

Caleb and Shaelyn built this together

Steph and I thought it would be a great idea for the kids to make a pyramid, since there was the perfect number of them....

...but this was as close as we got ;)

Maybe in a couple years! =)

Ten cousins!

Crazy faces

Love this family so much!

One of the RARE times when these two played well together - so sweet!

Tim and Steph, Marika, Shaelyn, Kyla, Vivian, Alisa, Nathaniel and Gwendalyn, THANK YOU so much for coming to spend time with us in your busy travel schedule!   We love you and can't wait to see you again in a few weeks!!!!

Father's Day 2016

Father's Day was pretty low key this year, but I think that's just the way Philip likes it. =)

The kids couldn't wait for him to wake up so they could take him breakfast in bed!

One super blessed Daddy

They made this all by themselves!

After breakfast, they had him do a treasure hunt they had set up...

Tickling Caleb while he was trying to find the clue that was on Caleb's tummy!

There it is! =)

The last clue led to the piano bench where all his gifts were

Haha!   I picked these up the other day because I think I had "decluttered" our corn holders a while ago and every time we've had corn this season, Philip asks about them (he was very happy)

Meat face at lunch that day

That afternoon we went to the Residency "Hello/Goodbye Pool Party" where they welcome the new intern class and bid farewell to the graduates:

Caleb being thrown by our friend, Brandon

The home it was at was the perfect, beautiful location!

On Monday evening, Moriah was Philip's (very excited!) date for a wedding (since I had a previous commitment).

We did her hair and I think she looked so grown up!

Her sweet little side bun

One last random:

Caleb all dressed up in Moriah's clothes =)

Philip, we love you!    Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father!   We are so blessed by you!

Via Christi Graduation 2016

Saturday the 18th was Philip's first time in the driver's seat for graduation!    It was a wonderful evening and makes us realize even more why we chose this program to call home.

My and my hot date

I took a Lot more pictures on this night, but for the blog, decided to just concentrate on the graduates (I put the name of the graduate first in each couple photo):

Our friends, Brett and Alison (graduating from the International Fellowship)

Dan and Mindy

Sun Min and Angela (they were staying in our house at the time)

Michael and Kristen

Aaron and Logan

Garrett and Lindsay

John and Lauren

Some beautiful friends, Lindsay, Lauren and Angela

Ah Rim and Min Soo (three weeks married!)

Scarlett and Andy 

Joe and Signee (got married 48 hours later)

Jera and Trent

(These two aren't a couple) ;)  Casey, on the left graduated from the international fellowship

Brett and Felishia (who gave birth the next day!)

Vu (she's the tall one in the middle)

Bonnie and Brandon (both graduates)

Bonnie and Josh

Jennifer and Matt

Andrew (second from left)

Jessica and Richard

Philip did an amazing job all night, emceeing, speeching, and presenting.  I'm so proud of him!

He and Andrew just before we left 

Jennifer (an amazing staff wife) and I