Sunday, May 1, 2016

Six Kids for Six Days

We had Jade, Eden and Treyson for six days (to pay Devin and Melissa back for the amazing six days they gave us for our anniversary trip in Idaho!)

I decided to do all the phone pictures first, so these aren't in chronological order:

Out for a walk/bike ride around the neighborhood
(I was pretty impressed that I got all of us in the picture)

Took Treyson to his soccer game and he scored a goal!

We went to the library and park.   While the big kids were choosing books, I walked around the pond with the little boys...and we found a TINY turtle!

So cute

Look at the little guy!

With Caleb's finger to show size

Both of them sitting on chairs carved out of stumps

Bouncy girls

On their last day with us - they went to Lego club at the library.   The weather was so bad that we were the only ones there!   They had a Great time making their own racing machines and sending them down a giant cardboard slide that the leader had made!

The girl's "Titanic !!"

Treyson's boat

Keenan's "Destroyer II"

Jade's "Bob"

Bubble Boys!

Monkeys in a tree

Cute goose family =)

On the huge rope structure

Jump shots!

All but one of the kids at our picnic with our friends, the Doolittles!

We went to the zoo one day...

All six monkeys

We loved how close the tiger kept coming!

Fruit bat

Cute kids in the tropics

Two tone Hibiscus

Sly looking crocodile

It cracks me up how all his legs are just dangling! =)


A beautiful rainbow colored bird in the Australia exhibit

Is it just me, or does it look like this bird's head is too big for his body??

Probably my favorite picture of the whole week =)

Feeding the goats!

A baby goat chewing on Moriah's finger

Teeny ones having lunch with mom

It was a busy, crazy week, but the kids did great and got along really well (well, for the most part.  Caleb and Treyson were kind of at each other the whole time) =)

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Mom W. said...

Yeah his head does look too big for his body... the bird that is ;)

Glad you survived your 6 days without tearing your hair out!!