Friday, May 20, 2016

School's Out and other Exciting Stuff

We finished up our school year on Friday, the 13th. I will continue to work on reading with Moriah, and I'd like Keenan to journal over the summer to stay in practice with writing, but for the most part... school is OUT!

This is the only picture I took all day (on my phone of all things!)

After a trip to the zoo to see the brand new elephant exhibit (and new elephants), we took them for ice cream, and then after Philip went back to work, we visited a new park

On Saturday morning, Joshua was finally discharged from the hospital!    George and Amy came here for lunch before making the four hour drive home and I got to snap some photos of him.

He's a whopping 5.5 pounds now, but still pretty tiny! =)


My first photo with George and Amy in the same place!
We are so happy for Amy and the baby to finally be home again after this two month ordeal!

Later that same day, the kids and I had the honor of meeting a refugee family, the Winnys, who we are excited to become friends with and be able to serve in any way we can!    We spent about an hour and a half with them and they are wonderful!   They speak English fairly well (yay!)   The mom, Jane, is from Sudan, the father, Amos, is from Congo, and they were living in Uganda before coming to the US three months ago.   They have seven children between the ages of 18 and 2 months.    We are going to see them again tomorrow.    I'm sure you will hear much about them as time goes on. =)

On Tuesday, the 17th, our friends, the Stephens adopted Tam, a sweet eight year old who they have fostered for the past two years.    It was such an exciting day and we were blessed to get to be a part of it!

This is only about half of the people who were in the courtroom (the kids decorated this sign)

The Stephens family!   (Lauren, who is currently in the Philippines, was present on Leigh Anne's phone)

Moriah, Tam and Eden

The Stephens hosted a wonderful dinner and celebration that night at their house.    We also got to celebrate with them on Wednesday night as Leigh Anne was baptized in their (chilly!) pool!    What a big week for their family! =)

The kids are continuing to love their online art class (as am I) =)  Here are a few of their drawings:

These two are Moriah's

These next three are Keenan's:

These two are mine:

Have you heard of, read about the woman who takes her child's scribbles and makes them into art?   You can see some of her masterpieces here.   Anyway, I thought it would be fun to try, so I had Moriah give me a scribble:

...and I made it into this:

I think if nothing else, it will be a fun, random practice to do every once in a while to get my creative juices flowing. =)

Some fun things happened today:

1. I didn't die in the boot camp class I took at the Y this morning (even though I felt like I was going to!)   Man, I'm out of shape!
2. I finally took my wedding necklace to a jewelry repair shop (to see if they could fix the chain and replace a couple missing stones)...and they can... for only $20!
3. The kids AND I had one of our best grocery shopping experiences Ever this morning!   The commissary was having it's annual "case lot" sale, so we decided to check it out.   There was a bouncy house, so the kids headed straight there.   One of the employees (who we know fairly well was responsible for keeping an eye on the bouncy house), said I should go ahead and do my shopping and she'd watch the kids.   So.... I did my shopping, checked out, put everything in the van and came back to find that they had bounced to their heart's content, had hotdogs, chips and pop and got to get in a fire truck!   Man, grocery stores really need to start offering child care. =)

Hope you are all having a great week!


Mom W. said...

The baby is precious and so nice to see the parents too!!

Great art work all of you, good ideas for the scribble Joia, you sure do have to use your imagination there!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Ahhhh! I can't believe school's out for you! Crazy. I think I say this every year. It's just that June is so CRAZY busy, and it hasn't even started yet!
I love the scribble art. What a cool idea :)