Sunday, May 8, 2016

North and South Dakota!

On Thursday, we packed up in Minneapolis and hit the road for the Dakotas!

Before leaving, we found this "surprise" in Caleb's bed (and in his hair when he woke up)... he had "saved" the yoke from his boiled egg the day before and put it under his pillow!!

What a goof!

Philip beat Jessica to North Dakota!  ;)

The famous bison next to the sign

For lunch we ate at the most popular restaurant in Fargo -it was delicious!

Philip tried their signature wood fired rotisserie chicken and ribs

We found a park and let the kids play in the (80 degree) beautiful weather before hitting the road again...

Keenan flipping off the swing!

Moriah jumping
A progression shot

Proof that we were in Fargo =)

As we were getting gas, I spied... a Tim Horton's!   What!?  Oh Happy day!

I had an iced tea...

...and the kids devoured an Iced Capp!

Woohoo!   South Dakota!

We were super excited about this speed limit!!

We checked into our hotel in Sioux Falls (it was super nice and had a fantastic breakfast!) ...and then Friday morning headed out to see some sights:

I loved this sculpture (I thought it looked kind) =)

The beautiful Sioux Falls!

Keenan took this one of us in the rubble of an old Flour Mill

The largest fall

We could actually feel the spray here!

From the top of the 50 foot observation tour - such a pretty park!

Next, we headed to the Butterfly House and Marine Cove:

I took waaay more butterfly photos (as they had over 1,000 butterflies and 30 or more species, but I dind't want to bore you out of your minds, so here are a few favorites):

This one had emerged from the cocoon just seconds earlier and was unfurling it's wings for the first time!

Same one about a minute after coming out

One of the feeding stations

This is called a Lace Wing (here you see the top of it's wings)...

...and this is what the bottom looks like!

These ones were Huge!!

We watched this little turtle try and try again and finally mange to climb up this rock!

One of the newly emerged butterflies (drying off)

...and what it's wings look like when they're open

The marine cove part was fun because there was a lot of things we could touch!

These starfish felt soft and kind of slimy

We couldn't touch the (stinging) anemones

These starfish were hard and kind of crunchy feeling

These sharks were having a break from being touched (apparently they get a little aggressive when touched too much... me too;)

Pretty fish in the aquarium

Fun popping up in the bubble


Outside of the Butterfly house was a Huge pavilion surrounded by four or five separate play structures:
This is the largest one of these I had ever seen and I was kind of nervous about the kids going on it, but the mulch piled up in the middle helped (that's Keenan and Moriah on top and Caleb climbing up)

The pool in our hotel had a kid's fun splash area

Philip discovered that the Kirby Science Discovery Center had it's "First Friday" event happening while we were there.  Free admission on the first Friday of the month - woohoo!

The kids lifting that car in the background with a lever, so fun!

Keenan playing a game where you have to tip and turn the thing to make the digital "ball" roll around in the maze

Caleb flying a glider

Astronaut Moriah!

Philip flying a space shuttle

The kids loved this ball wall!

Philip, Moriah and I worked together to build this arch!

Moriah being Goliath =)

Caleb in the fun little kid's area

The kids on the rock wall (Philip and I even did it, and I was in a dress!)

Philip, Keenan and Moriah being goalies in a wii type soccer game

The boys modeling some goggles that messed up their depth perception while they tried to play basketball

That same evening we walked around downtown and did the "sculpture walk".   There were about 50 sculptures within a few blocks that are on display for a year and then auctioned off.

This bear cub was my favorite
(My little cub snuck into the picture)

Whew!   That was a busy Friday!

Well, that was the short run down of our time in those two beautiful states!   We really enjoyed our time in both and couldn't have asked for better weather! =)


Mark and Rebekah said...

This looks like SUCH a fun vacation. My very favourite memories of growing up were the family times we spent travelling. I'd always promised I'd do the same with my kids. I'm happy o see all the happy memories you're making as a family.

Mark and Rebekah said...

PS- I love the flipping off the swing pictures! You have adventuresome kids. I'm glad he went backwards because before the progression shot, I was wondering how his feet didn't get tangled in the swing...