Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day in Nebraska!

Yesterday was wonderful. Being away from home and in a hotel didn't put a damper on the day at all, in fact I think it made it even better! Since there was a (pretty great) continental breakfast, I didn't have to cook (and neither did Philip!) Win, win! =)

Having breakfast with my squinty eyed bunch

 My gifts - Gorgeous roses from Philip, a card and painted pot from Moriah (she made it at my friend, Lindsay's house a couple days before our trip), and a beautiful necklace from Mom E!

Love this!

They all gave me this card later, right before we headed out to dinner
(It plays "How Sweet It Is")

Moriah and Caleb's messages

Keenan and Philip =)

 Another shot of the roses - the colors are Amazing!!

After breakfast we got dressed and headed out into another beautiful day!

We played a few holes of disc golf at a gorgeous, hilly, wooded course!

Look how pretty that is!

Unknown, pretty flower

I love this =)

My three precious kids

Lily of the Valley!   Almost never do I see the flower of my birth month, and here it is, In my birth month! =)

Caleb insisted on carrying the (pretty heavy) disc/snack bag at one point ;)

A selfie of just the two of us in the pretty flowers

We heated up chili and ate lunch in the room and then Philip and the kids went to the pool...

(phone pic)

While I walked across the street to a huge Antique and Mercantile store by myself!    It actually was nothing like I was expecting and had a pretty high level of creepy, but it was a unique experience and was great to have some time by myself....

I saw Shaquille O'Neal...

...and Sully!

...and (in the old fashioned candy store) even some lollipops with Real bugs in them!

I found this candy and Had to buy it for Philip ;)

For dinner we went to the Twisted Fork!    It's in a great little downtown area and we got to sit outside... it was wonderful and delicious!

Just the two of us

All of us with our food

After dinner, we walked around downtown for a bit...

Family photo by the river

Keenan took this one of us on a stepping block path across the water

Then we let the kids try out these SUPER fast slides that we had seen the day before...

They are so slick!

If you don't plan your exit well... ends up like this!


Look at her face!

Good job getting your feet down, Riah!

I Had to try it (and Caleb came along)...

Haha!   I look kind of scared here!

Coming up to the end...

Wondering if we're going to fly right off...

Quick, plant your feet!

"Oh my goodness, that was SO FAST!!!"

I love the reflection on the slide

Then we walked back to the hotel and drove to where we had seen some amazing covered wagon sculptures:

I think there were five of them and the detail was just amazing!!

Moriah with a little girl

This little girl has a little doll =)

These poor folks got stuck in the mud

Not a detail was overlooked

Event the eyes looked so real with eyelashes and everything!

These oxen were pulling the wagon out of the mud (this guy must have really been exerting himself) =)

We found out that it was a series of sculptures that told a story...the wagon train startled a herd of bison, which started to stampede...

Here's the first one we saw, and then we just followed them as they wreaked havoc for several blocks 

Each of these large bulls weighs 1,400 pounds!

Moriah with a calf

This one was especially cool!!

...and as they ran, they stirred up a flock of Canadian geese!

It was really cool how they created this fountain to spray under their wings so it looks like they are skimming the water.   The whole series, called, "Spirit of Nebraska's Wilderness", took 400, 000 man hours to create and set up!

Before bed, I read the kids a 1950's book I had purchased at the antique store, called "The Dancing Goat".  =)

Such a fun filled Mother's Day, I am so grateful!   Thank you, Philip, Keenan, Moriah and Caleb!


The Woodfords said...

Wow, looks like quite the amazing road trip! Glad you had a fun and special Mother's Day!
Love you!

The Woodfords said...

Wow, looks like quite the amazing road trip! Glad you had a fun and special Mother's Day!
Love you!

Mom W. said...

That was a pretty amazing mix for you on Mother's Day, the roses are gorgeous, I love your expression after you got off the slide!!

So glad everyone had so much for on Mother's Day!! You are a great Mom!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

What a fun post! I don't think most people would object to Mother's Day at a hotel, especially when it means not making breakfast, and not having to clean up - for anyone! Win-win! I love the gifts you got, and especially the sweet words <3

I love the picture of Caleb with the dandelion. So cute! And the picture of you with your precious kids... Although I think my favourites are the ones of you coming off the slide :) Great photography!

Cool statues too. Those pioneers were tough, determined, brave people!