Sunday, May 1, 2016

Last Half of April Fun

I had grand plans to have the blog updated before this trip, but alas, it didn't happen... Now that we're here, I'll try get a couple hammered out, so that I'll be able to blog this trip while we're here!

First up, random stuff our kids have done (before and after the Penny kid's visit):

These first few are phone pics:

 My friend, Lindsay, actually sent me this one (she had taken it a while ago when she babysat the kids, but didn't show it to me right away because she was afraid I would be upset) =)

Philip took Keenan and Moriah to the "Family Fun Festival" on base (Caleb was sick):

 Hitting "velcro golf balls" to stick on a target

 Riah rides a pony!

 A canoe full of beverages =)

 Moriah rode in the firetruck

I found these two downstairs like this later that day 

Caleb and I had a fun morning together... he started it off with a bath (with jets) in our tub (he wanted to wear his bathing suit), complete with Freezies! =)

 Goofy kid

 He got to choose whatever he wanted for lunch out of the fridge and this is what he chose =)

Our Other friend named Lindsay babysat for us that night and we went to Outback...

 Apparently the waiter didn't think we wanted our plates in the picture... oh well ;)

 Sweet morning snuggles

Another spurt of Magatile creations!

 Another morning before breakfast I caught these two snuggled up reading a book together in the rocking chair =)

 Building a lego set up to illustrate a mini book with our friends Bonnie and Josh!

Moriah and I drove to a beautiful farm out in the country the other night to do a photo shoot of Moriah's friend (and our neighbor), Khloe.     Moriah managed to sneak into a lot of shots ;)

 They had beautiful irises!

 Moriah and Dakota

 Hahaha!   I Love this one!

 Jake and Dakota

 Moriah bareback on Blondie

 Moriah and Khloe

 Little posers

I Love this one of the two of them!

 Fun sprinkle cones at Chick Fil A!

Hanging out with Ronald when we visited our friend, Amy, at the Ronald McDonald House

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Nice yummy food choices Caleb!!

Courageous Moriah riding back back!!