Sunday, May 8, 2016

Iowa...and on to Nebraska!

Saturday morning we were on the road again!

We stopped at a scenic overlook to find a cache and were super excited when Philip showed us just what we were looking at!

Three states at once!

The boys went off to find the cache while us girls headed back to the warm van...and Caleb found it! =)

We stopped for lunch in Sioux City, Iowa at "Bev's on the River" (another Trip Advisor recommendation) and it was fantastic!

Amazing food all around!

After lunch we checked out the (cool and Free) Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center that was within sight of the restaurant:

This sculpture was HUGE!
(Clark is on the left, Lewis on the right and the dog's name is Seaman, he was a Newf)

We sure learned a lot, it was super interesting (and I am not really into history that much, just ask Philip, I haaaate reading signs).

The kids doing some rubbings

A fun lego representation of their boat

The kids got little booklets they could "stamp" with different information throughout the center

When we left there, we went to the Sioux City Art Center to see the traveling exhibition "Art of the Brick", a collection of artworks created by Nathan Sawaya.     We had almost got to see this in Boston when we were there but it wasn't open.   Yesterday while we were driving, I happened to see a billboard advertising that one of the exhibits (there are about half a dozen currently on display around the world) was in Sioux City right now!    We were delighted to find out that admission was FREE, and that we had caught it on the second last day before it left town!

A little write up about the exhibition

This was part of a series of pieces that he made in collaboration with a photographer and they placed the lego pieces into a photograph...sooo cool!

In the art center, looking down at Philip and the kids doing a maze three stories below

Stopping to (try) find another geocache at a really pretty spot up on a bluff:

A kind stranger took this for us

A kind Keenan took this one =)

...then we took an impromptu hike with Caleb in the lead!

Can you find the bug in this photo?

Another new state for the kids and I!


Before going to our hotel, we checked out (another cache) on this super long pedestrian suspension bridge!

...the kids got to stand on the state line on the bridge!

I don't k now what these are, but they sure are pretty!

Saturday night we played a brand new board game we had brought along called Dixit!   We all really enjoyed it!

Caleb took this photo for us - so proud of him!! =)

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Mark and Rebekah said...

That's so cool that you could see all three states at once!

I love your family picture on the bluff, and I love kind strangers who offer to take pictures :) It always makes my day :)

I'm glad you were able to get away. Hopefully you got home feeling somewhat refreshed and relaxed?