Thursday, May 12, 2016

Home...and stuff

So, yes, obviously we're home. We got home Monday afternoon. By Tuesday afternoon most of the laundry was Thursday afternoon (today), most of the laundry is put away!! Yay! =)

Here are a few shots from our last day on the road.    We stopped in Topeka, Kansas at this Gorgeous park (Gage Park) to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.   There were about a billion roses (and I took about half a billion photos), but just decided to post these few pretties...

Wisteria (so gorgeous for something that rhymes with Listeria!  Ew!)

I imagine weddings happen in this pretty little arbor

Some white Wisteria

How awesome is this one??

I loved this pretty bridge....but there was nothing nearby to set the camera on... boo.

But... my sweet and intelligent engineer husband rigged this up, which worked perfectly (I could even adjust the angle to suit my liking!)  

Pretty impressive =)

Just us girls by the pretty pond

Other than finishing up our last few days of school for the year, the only other big news is that the kids (inspired by Henry Huggins in a Beverly Clearly audio book we listened to on the way home), got a fish!   He is a Crown Tail Betta, and they have named him "Spikey" =)

It's hard to get a good photo of him 

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Mom W. said...

How about Histeria?

Love the Roses, the variegated one is really cool!! I would LOVE that park!!