Thursday, May 26, 2016

Berry Good Times

On Saturday morning (after picking up our basket of produce from a co-op we tried out for the first time), the kids and I headed out to pick strawberries! We hadn't ever picked berries here before and I didn't think there were any patches close to us, but my friend told me about one that was about 20 minutes away! Woohoo!

The picking spot was pretty far out, so we got a ride on a golf cart, which the kids loved!

Riding out to the field

The kids are Such good pickers!

I had a picture of Moriah too, but unfortunately her eyes were closed...

Our row had mostly small berries (and most of them had a "seed pod" on the bottom of each berry, which I really don't like, but we did okay...

With our pickin's - almost 12 pounds!

We payed $2.50 a pound and I noticed at the grocery store after that there's were 1.99, but the ones that we picked really Did taste AMAZING.

I made three jars of jam for the fam and one (no sugar strawberry/apple) one for me and we gave a bunch of the berries to our Ugandan friends.

We had a great visit with the Winny family on Saturday afternoon (and took them a bunch of strawberries).  I feel like we got to know a lot about them this time.   Jane made us some Delicious African food!   She made "Posho" (another name for Ugali), which is made with cornmeal and is a thick, slightly sticky texture.   You just get a big hunk of it and break pieces off and dip them in the sauce or juice from your meat (which was beef in a delicious tomato based sauce).   She also made a spinach, onion and tomato dish that was really good.

On Sunday, the kids had their AWANA closing ceremony:

Caleb with his Cubbies class

Moriah in Sparks

Keenan (as well as Jade and Eden) in T&T (Truth and Training)

At home with their awards
(Caleb was Not happy about having to take this picture)


Mom W. said...

Those strawberries are making my mouth water!! =) Also the African food... yum!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Those strawberries look delicious! I'm glad you have a place close enough to go and pick :)

Congrats guys on finishing Awana. Enjoy your summer!

Love you all!