Wednesday, April 6, 2016

To Florida We Go!

From Kansas City, the kids and I flew to Florida for the week while Philip headed to Dayton for some training.

Early Sunday morning at the airport...

All ready to go!

Keenan and Moriah playing Osmo on our first flight

My seat mate and I

We played "pictionary" with the shape tiles from Osmo and had a blast!

Best seats on the tram in Atlanta =)

We arrived in Niceville around 2 pm and picked up our rental:

A Nissan Rogue (it's fun!)

We picked up a snack and then headed to Myrtle's:

It was soo great to see Myrtle and the kids together again after not seeing each other for almost two years!   We hung out in the backyard and the kids entertained Myrtle by playing hide and seek =)

Then we checked in at the "Latham Hotel"..and our accommodations are soo spacious and comfortable!   Keenan and Moriah bunked with Luke and Brooke and Caleb and I have a Huge room, super comfy bed and our own huge bathroom!

The crazy kids went in the Cold pool!

(Maybe questioning her decision?)



Thumbs up! And back in she went!

Post shower and warm up lego play

Caleb and Isaiah hiding in our bed at bedtime =)

Monday morning was pretty laid back.   The kids got their math done and then hung out in the hot tub and pool for about an hour...

Caleb, Moriah and Brooke

Goofy kid

Keenan looks like a bullfrog here, blowing his swim shirt full of air! =)

Cannon ball!

Here is one I took on my phone for Philip (while he cleaned snow off his car in Ohio!)

Crazy jumps!

Jumping on the trampoline to warm up

Haha!   This cracks me up!

We met Myrtle and Phil at Boathouse Landing for lunch.   It was a perfectly beautiful day and the kids and fill were equally happy to see each other!  =0)  Thank you, Phil, for lunch!!

Caleb insisted Phil color with him =)

All of us and our delicious food!

We took some pictures on the docks after

All went well until...

Keenan's flip flop came off and started to float away!   Phil quickly picked a long reed and Keenan was able to fish it out (and Barely got his shorts wet!)  Never a dull moment... =)

After lunch, I drove all over town (to four different places) in search of post cards to send home to my students.    We raced back to the Latham's, packed up our stuff and headed to Alabama!

We're going to see the Grays!

We listened to an excellent audio book on the life of Nate Saint on the way.    Other than his death, along with Jim Elliott and the others, I didn't really know anything about him before.  He lead a really interesting life and was quite the Genius and inventor!!


Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow, that Osmo is certainly getting a lot of use... I don't entirely get what it does though. I should look it up :)

Nice rental car!

I LOVE the picture of the kids with Myrtle. She's such a special friend, and I'm sure she's THRILLED to see you!

Poor Philip - stuck in the snow while you guys were in the pool! I love the pool pictures, especially the ones of Moriah jumping in the pool :)

I also love the picture of the kids with Phil and Myrtle and the three of them on the dock.

It looks like you're all having a fantastic time. Thanks for the update. It's nice to feel up to date on what you're all up to :)

Mom W. said...

Wow, good time for all, SO glad you got to see Myrtle and I am sure she is SO glad too!! So special. She looks fantastic!!!