Friday, April 1, 2016

The Last Week of March

When Josh and Rebekah were here, they told us about Osmo, a cool kid's computer learning program, with super fun games.    We bought it a few days ago.   Philip and I stayed up way too late playing with it.  Here is Philip's beautiful drawing he made of us, using the "Masterpiece"feature...


On Tuesday night, we sat on a panel of married couples on staff in the residency.    They put on an evening for resident couples to come and ask questions and hear our experiences and advice for making it through residency with your marriage in good shape.   There were some newlyweds and some married over 30 years, so we were kind of in the middle.   I was kind of nervous, but it was fun!


One end of the line

The rest of the couples

Devin and Melissa recently had the drywall installed throughout their new house.  Before a friend came in and sprayed the primer, they invited all their friends to come by and write Scripture or messages on the wall, that would then be part of their house forever!    The kids and I jumped at the chance!

Moriah wrote this, with a picture of the Pennys

Keenan wrote this

This was one of my seven contributions

The kids writing on the walls up the stairs

Moriah did this

Keenan up in the attic playroom

Moriah's =)

In the boy's room

One last picture by the door before we left

Since we're out of town next week, yesterday was my last time tutoring my class at CC!   It was a Great last day - I love these kids!

Elise, Sara, Katie, Claire, JJ and Will


All of the kids enrolled in our community this year with the other tutors (on the right - Jill and Stacy) and our awesome director (behind me), Erin!

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Mom W. said...

Fun to share your old married couple experiences!!! ;)

What fun writing on the wall!!!