Friday, April 8, 2016

Sunny Times With Friends and Family!

Yesterday was a busy, fun day in the sun!

First off, on Wednesday evening, as soon as we arrived back at the Latham's from Alabama, Mom Eberts arrived from Merritt Island and surprised the kids!   She couldn't stand not seeing us when we were within a day's drive, so she made the 7 hour drive and would be staying with us for the next two days!

The kids were SO surprised and happy!!


Yesterday morning, Mom and I went to visit Myrtle (without the kids) and sat and chatted (well, Myrtle did most of the talking) for about an hour.   It was so good to be with her =)

Friends of all ages

We packed a lunch and headed to Marler Park on Okaloosa Island where a bunch of my friends stopped by to hang out !

With Rachel, Nehemiah (and baby)

Keenan and Landon even set up a game of Stratego!

L-R, Stephanie, Mary Edith, Me, Jen, Robin

...then Tiffany arrived!

Then Tiffany suggested we do a "remake" of the shot we did before I moved! =)

Grandma caught this monkey in the tree

After that, we drove into Destin to (strangely enough!) meet up briefly with Philip's sister, Jessica (who was in Destin for a couple days with some friends doing some church related training), and his cousin, Gary, his wife Tammy and their son, Ethan - who were vacationing from Chicago!)   So fun!

Group shot at the beautiful vacation home where Gary and Tammy were staying
(Keenan had opted to spend the rest of the day with his friend, Landon instead of tagging along)

Next, we bopped over to the beach for a bit, just to see the water and stick our toes in the sand...

...well a couple of us did more than that...

Moriah hunted for shells, and Caleb got soaked =)

Caleb's happy toes in the sand

Oh, my beloved Emerald Coast...

It was quite busy with tourists

We had an early dinner at the Back Porch (and got in just in time before the crowd!)

Mom with the kids on the big chair =)

Mom and I got our long sleeves from the car because it was a little chilly in the wind, but the view couldn't be beat, and our dinner was Amazing!!

That's a wrap of our Thursday!

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Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE the picture of your kids running towards Kathleen! So sweet!

It must have been nice to be back at the beach!