Saturday, April 2, 2016

Kansas City Trip - April 2016

Philip had a conference in Kansas City, so they kids and I tagged along (like we did last year).


Caleb doing Osmo in the closet while the other two did school work

Since it was really cold outside, the kids and I hung out at the huge Crown Plaza shopping, eating, playing area for the morning...

There was a fun, free exhibit called Trails and Tails (or something like that):

Moriah riding a camel

In an eagle's nest!

One of my monkeys swinging through the jungle

Caleb in a giant beehive!

In our exploring, we found ourselves in the lobby of Another huge hotel with a beautiful waterfall!

We rode up an elevator that had a great view of the city, including Our hotel! =)

The kids Loved swimming in the indoor/outdoor pool.  I however, didn't put a toe in this time =)

We had dinner with Dr. Haynes again!  (A wonderful friend and Philip's former program director at Eglin)   After two days we realized that (out of 740 rooms in the hotel), he was RIGHT NEXT DOOR to us!  Hahaha! =)

When we got back to the hotel room we caught "E.T." on TV, so we watched it before bed.  Our kids had never seen it and Philip and I hadn't seen it in Forever!!


After doing some school and getting our things organized (what is staying in the van and what is coming to Florida), we headed back down to the pool before lunch.

A rare, sweet cuddly moment after swimming, baths and lunch

The weather was finally warm enough this afternoon to be outside so we took advantage of it!  (I am getting more comfortable with just coming back with the pictures I snap on my phone):

 All the flowers were in bloom!   I love all these tulips!

 Pretty girl in the lilacs (I hope ours aren't blooming at home and we're missing them!)

 Caleb (on Keenan's shoulders) gets to be the tallest for a change =)

 With some pretty blossoms in the background

We went to Fritz Railroad restaurant last time (where the little train brings the food to the table) and the kids loved it so much that they begged to go back again.  I guess it's KC tradition now. =)

 Our three engineers

"Dirt and worms" ice cream for dessert from Sheridans

A random picture from facebook of our family three years ago today!

We've changed a little =)


Jessica said...

LOVE the picture of Caleb in the middle with his hand on his hip and K & M on either side. :) Super fun day. Can't wait to see you Thursday! Aaahhh!

Mom W. said...

What fun, love the throw back picture!!! Happy travels!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I was just coming on here to tell you that I thought it was a super tradition to go to Kansas City with Philip and that I couldn't wait to read about your time in Florida... And I found a new post! Yay! I love surprises :) I'm going to read it right now :)