Friday, April 15, 2016

Fun with the Robertsons, etc.

A couple random things here, but mostly fun times with our friends, the Robertsons!

The kids entered (a second) coloring contest on base.   This one was put on by the bakery/deli at the Commissary.   While we were in Kansas City, I got a call that Keenan and Moriah had won 1st and 2nd place! =)  I told them we'd be out of town until the 9th, and they said they'd hang onto their prizes.    When we got home, we went by the Commissary to pick up their prizes...

A Whole Cake each!   They had frozen them, but they thawed nicely and everyone (at house church) said it was delicious! =)

Was thrilled that we didn't miss the blooming of our lilacs!   Soo pretty and delicious smelling!

On Monday we went to our friend's, to check out their new house and 10 acres....but mostly their ducklings! =)

The kids were excited to try out the rope swing!


The ducklings were ADORABLE!!

They got to go for a swim in the master bedroom tub while they're pen was being cleaned

The yellow ones are Peking ducks

Not sure what kind "Blackie" is, but he's super cute!

Keenan and Finn =)

Time to dry off!

Too cute!

Moriah Loved this

I love her

On Thursday, we went to the zoo with the same friends in the Gorgeous weather!

This baby goat was a week and a half old (and wanted to eat Moriah's shirt)

Twin brothers

Keenan picked some leaves off a tree and instantly had friends!


My friend, Suzanne, suggested we try Caleb's glasses on one of the sheep.
It was Hilarious and he/she seemed totally unfazed! =)

Pretty lioness (not napping for a change)

All seven of our wild animals (Tyler and Kate with Keenan and Lily beside Moriah)

Moriah and Lily spent most of the walk this way =)


Mom W. said...

The glasses on the goat are hilarious!!!

The swing looks really fun too!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Congratulations on the Colouring contest!

I love lilacs too... I'm hoping the crazy spring, bitter cold and very hot, haven't affected the flowers. I love the smell of them so much!

The ducks are cute and the kids look so happy spending time outside. Looks like you're having a beautiful Spring :)