Friday, April 8, 2016

Adventures in Alabama!

Monday afternoon the kids and I made the three hour drive to Maxwell AFB to see the Grays!

Their neighborhood and house are gorgeous and we were accommodated very comfortably!

We took a few family pictures before the sun went down (since Kevin was leaving for a few days in the morning).

We love this family so much!

Moriah and Vivi had so much fun together!

The kids just settled right back into a comfortable rhythm with each other, like no time had passed at all.   After dinner on Monday night, we all headed over to the park near their house and the kids played until it was really dark!

I randomly found out that other Air Force friends of ours, the Hemphills lived nearby, so on Tuesday afternoon (while Alaina and the kids were at a horse riding lesson), the kids and I drove over to visit with Brittny and her kids.

They live in a beautiful neighborhood and just moved into their gorgeous home a month ago!

Such a pretty house!

Brittny and I hadn't seen each other in nearly four years, but it was soo great to catch up again!

Brittny, Christopher, Sophie, Kate (and Cali)

Such a sweet friend!

A few pictures of the Gray's house:

The outside

The dining room

The living room

It is soo full of character and beautiful light!  

On Tuesday afternoon, we headed to the stables to take a few pictures of Nora Jane with their horse, Lil' Guy:

Caleb was soo excited to see him!

My kids haven't spent much time around horses at all, so this was a pretty cool experience

Keenan and Moriah got to brush him

I LOVE this one of NJ heading out of the stable with him

My first equestrian photography session! =)

NJ, Lil' Guy and Me

I really like how this one turned out of all seven kids on the play equipment at the stable

 My sweet roommate, playing with lego on the bed while I have my quiet time

Caleb was super fascinated by the little "habitat" the Gray's had with hundreds of growing tadpoles in it!

 Alaina and Caleb have always had a special bond and it was really sweet to see them together again

 Keenan, Nora Jane, Noble and Girma playing Tokaido

 Socks, in my bathroom window

On Wednesday, before we headed back to Florida, we took a tour of the huge Hyundai plant off of 1-65.   It was Amazing!   The only bummer was that I couldn't take photos (boo), but it was Really interesting and we are soo glad we got to do it!

The plant is so massive (sitting on 1, 7400 acres of land) that the tour was in trams, not by foot.   We saw almost every part of the process from stamping, to the completed cars rolling off the line!   They make 1, 550 cars every day!!

Alaina and I before we said goodbye

Thank you Grays for hosting us in your beautiful home, for all the wonderful meals, the memories, the laughs and the precious fellowship - we love you!


Alaina said...

We love you, Dooley family! It was a pleasure to host you and to see you again! The pictures are absolutely lovely!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Awesome that you were able to catch up with so many friends! This looks like such an amazing trip and I'm glad you (and the kids) were able to reconnect with so many people who had been such a big part of your lives!

Love you all!