Saturday, April 16, 2016

Closing Ceremony for Classical Conversations 2015/16

Last week was week 24 of our Classical Conversations year and tonight was the closing ceremony!

This year, finishing was a big deal for Keenan and Moriah AND me, since I tutored this
time!   I have already signed up to do it again - Aaahh!

In all the hustle and bustle, I forgot my camera, so we had to make due with phone pictures (some from our phones and some from friends):

My class:  JJ, Will, Sara, Katie, Claire, Elise

Keenan, Elias, Celia, Micah, Libby, Tristan

Wiley, Harper, Emerson, Moriah, Abby, Colin

Moriah's class dressed up as Greek gods (Her teacher did a fantastic job with their outfits!)

The whole group

With their certificates (taken this morning since we forgot last night) =)

Celebratory Blizzards after! =)

Other side of the table
(Poor Caleb has been sick for several days and was in pretty rough shape)

CC is done, but we have one more month of school left - let's do this!!   Next year will be Caleb's first year in CC! =)

He's here!

Remember our new friends,  who stayed here while the mom was in the hospital, trying to keep her 29 week baby from being delivered?

Well... the baby is here (and I got to meet him yesterday!)

His name is Joshua and he was born on April 6, at 1:00 pm, weighing 3.2 pounds (just shy of 32 weeks gestation).    He just couldn't wait to see this big world and meet his Mama!

Though tiny, he is fiesty and was breathing room air on his own and scored very high on his Apgar tests!

He was in the NICU for about five days and is now in the Special Care unit (still pretty sterile and in an incubator most of the time, but a little more laid back than the NICU).

He was snuggled up, sleeping on Amy's chest the whole time yesterday, so I didn't get any pictures, but Amy sent me this one that she had taken in the last few days.   I LOVE it!

Look how tiny he is compared to her hand!

He is soo precious!    It was so wonderful to be able to meet him already!   Amy is such a gem and an honor to know.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Fun with the Robertsons, etc.

A couple random things here, but mostly fun times with our friends, the Robertsons!

The kids entered (a second) coloring contest on base.   This one was put on by the bakery/deli at the Commissary.   While we were in Kansas City, I got a call that Keenan and Moriah had won 1st and 2nd place! =)  I told them we'd be out of town until the 9th, and they said they'd hang onto their prizes.    When we got home, we went by the Commissary to pick up their prizes...

A Whole Cake each!   They had frozen them, but they thawed nicely and everyone (at house church) said it was delicious! =)

Was thrilled that we didn't miss the blooming of our lilacs!   Soo pretty and delicious smelling!

On Monday we went to our friend's, to check out their new house and 10 acres....but mostly their ducklings! =)

The kids were excited to try out the rope swing!


The ducklings were ADORABLE!!

They got to go for a swim in the master bedroom tub while they're pen was being cleaned

The yellow ones are Peking ducks

Not sure what kind "Blackie" is, but he's super cute!

Keenan and Finn =)

Time to dry off!

Too cute!

Moriah Loved this

I love her

On Thursday, we went to the zoo with the same friends in the Gorgeous weather!

This baby goat was a week and a half old (and wanted to eat Moriah's shirt)

Twin brothers

Keenan picked some leaves off a tree and instantly had friends!


My friend, Suzanne, suggested we try Caleb's glasses on one of the sheep.
It was Hilarious and he/she seemed totally unfazed! =)

Pretty lioness (not napping for a change)

All seven of our wild animals (Tyler and Kate with Keenan and Lily beside Moriah)

Moriah and Lily spent most of the walk this way =)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spunky, Myrtle, Turtles and Home!

On Friday morning the kids and I went to see Spunky.   She looked good!   She had trimmed down from how chunky she was last time I saw her.

She was pretty crazy and excited, so it was hard to get a picture =)

This is the best we could do

After that, we headed to Turkey Creek and met up with Myrtle to walk the boardwalk before having a picnic lunch.

As always, there were lots of turtles to view off the bridge!

A remake of a photo from the last time we went with her
(Isn't she adorable??)

I Love this one of all of us!

Caleb playing with Myrtle's magnetic necklace

One of Mom with Myrtle (and a couple cute extras)

Myrtle and I before we said goodbye :(

Just for fun, I compiled some photos of some of our past adventures at Turkey Creek with Myrtle!   We have had a lot of happy times on these boardwalks!







 The rest of Friday was spent relaxing and getting ready to travel home the next day.

Mom and the kids enjoyed the sun by/in the pool (depending on who it was) =).   The hot tub was more up mom's alley. =)

In the hot tub

Mom took these pictures on her phone of Caleb going under the water in the hot tub.  This was a pretty big deal, since he is usually really timid about putting his head under the water =)

Love these!

This is the front of the Latham's beautiful home where we stayed

...and the pool, the kid's favorite part =)

We got an early start on Saturday morning and I took the kid's by their favorite donut shop to grab breakfast before dropping off our rental car and checkin in.  (There was quite a line and I was afraid we were going to be late getting to the airport, but we were fine).

Choices, choices

We actually even had time to hang out and eat breakfast in the nice USO lounge at the airport and grab some snacks before heading through security.

Our flights went really well, and in the Atlanta airport, a random guy came up to me, said he was a children's author and wanted to give the kids one of his books!     I had him sign the inside cover and he put "John 3:30" after his signature.   Then I actually looked at the book and realized it was a Christian one!   I read it right then and loved it!   He ended up being on our flight and I thanked him as we went past.

Very cool!

WHAT a great trip!    We had such an amazing time spending time with so many special friends!   Thank you, thank you, Lathams for hosting us for all those nights - your generosity and hospitality were such a blessing! =)