Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Valentines Day 2016

This was a Valentine's for the history books in our house! =)

Philip had said (to my Great surprise) months ago, that he would consider doing one of the Paint Nite events with me if it was a couple's painting, and he wasn't just painting the exact same thing I was.   I was floored!   So... when I saw that they had a special Valentine's one coming up for couples, I asked if he would do it - he said yes!

Our actual dinner was a little crazy and rushed (between dropping the kids off at AWANA, and the sitter coming to stay with Caleb (who was coughing too much to go to AWANA), but it was still fun.

We had sushi... in a heart shaped box!  How fun! =)

The rest of these pictures are from Philip's phone, because I didn't want to worry about my big camera and all the paint, etc...

All suited up and ready to go...

Blank canvases

Our horizon and path are in place

First row of trees

Trees filled in

This couple just went crazy and did their own thing... and it was Amazing!!

Proof that he actually did paint this!! =)

Such a good sport!

All finished!   I can't even believe it!

Yet more proof of how much this guy loves me - I am sooo happy that we did this and Super impressed with his painting skills!

* He did say he would rather not do this again.. it was too stressful ;)


Mom W. said...

Good job Philip!! I am very impressed!!! You rock!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I loved reading your posts for an update on your life :) It's good to hear what's going on.

Philip, you definitely get "Husband of the Year" for going painting with your wife :) You both did an awesome job, and I love the finished product!

I had to laugh though Joia, when you said he didn't want to do it again. Haha. Once definitely shows his love for you though :) I'm glad it was a fun night :)

The Woodfords said...

Love this so much, in so many ways! Hugs to you both!

Bethany said...

So cool! I didn't realize they did couples paint nights… will have to keep that in mind =) They turned out great!