Monday, March 21, 2016

Keenan's Ninth Birthday!

 Once again, I'm terribly late with posting... Keenan is nine! =)

Here he is, awake super early (amusingly, he woke up at 6:22 am, which was his birth time!)

 Sleepy birthday face

We let him open one gift before Philip left early for work...

 Sooo excited!

 He Loves these missionary stories and already had five of them.   This set of five (from Mom and Jeff) include:  Eric Liddell, Jim Elliott, Mary Slessor, George Mueller, and William Carey

We don't usually do school on birthdays, but since it was a Thursday, we had CC in the morning, so we couldn't skip... =)   Keenan did take treats (lego candy) for his class.

We went to a cupcake shop called, "Sweetly Scrumptious" in the afternoon.   Keenan got a free cupcake since it was his birthday!  The Pennys surprised him and showed up to, with a fun LED birthday candle for his cupcake and a Lego kit!  So fun! =)

 "Here kids, smile into the sun for me, will you?"

His gift from the Pennys

After hearing about how much fun Moriah had at Olive Garden for Eden's birthday... Keenan desperately wanted to go there for his birthday dinner!   (Endless breadsticks, free dessert for your birthday and a game kiosk at the table?   What more could a boy want?)


 HUGE piece of chocolate mousse cake for dessert!

We took Friday off of school instead and spent the morning at the zoo and had a picnic.  Unfortunately, I took almost NO pictures!    The Cougars were the animal Keenan most wanted to see (and aren't on our usual circuit)...

We found them all snuggled up, asleep =)

We gave him a football, a bat, a tee and a bucket of balls for his birthday, so after the zoo we went to a nearby park so he could practice batting some balls.   It was fun and we all took a turn hitting a bucket of balls =)

That night, Keenan, Moriah and I ended up unexpectedly going to "Winter Jam" with some friends.   It's a huge Christian concert, with ten bands.   Our favorites were:  For King and Country, Sidewalk Prophets, Mathew West and Crowder.

 Keenan's eyes are weird here, but they were STOKED to be at their first concert, with 15,000 people!

 Devin and Melissa were there and we had a blast (although Melissa and I were Deeply disappointed when Matthew West said everyone was going home with a t shirt, his new cd and a devotional ....... if they purchased them.  Bummer!)

It was 11:30 by the time it ended and Moriah just couldn't make it!   You know you're tired when you fall asleep while For King and Country are playing! =)

Happy Birthday Keenan, we love you so much!   You are turning into such a great young man and we pray the Lord's blessing over this new year for you.


Mom W. said...

Lots of good books to read for Keenan!!! Great stuff!!

Looks like it was a good concert too!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love the special memories you guys make on birthdays :)
Happy (very late) birthday to Keenan my first nephew! I can't believe how quickly he's growing up!