Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Fun

Here is another random mash up of what we've been up to:

I've decided to employ the little artists in my home with the job of making birthday cards.  They exceeded my expectations!

Moriah made this one for Uncle Mark (complete with a Giant cake, our whole family, and Uncle Mark and Auntie Bekah)

Keenan blew me away with this one for Uncle Erik (who loves the Florida Gators)

We hosted a House Church Super Bowl party (with worship at half time).  Here are a few random pictures I took:

All the food!

Melissa with our friend's new baby, Esther, and Christa with Hope

Just a few of the people there

For Eden's birthday gift, we gave her a "Surprise Day of Fun"...

First we went to the movies to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, then we came home and 
painted with our homemade water colors!

These were super easy to make and they last for a long time!

Making beautiful art!

Then she and Moriah played dress up...

...and made their own pizzas for dinner =)

Our boys...

Before haircuts,

...and after! =)

Finally a picture of our newest vehicle - a Honda CRV 

I got to do family pictures for the Stephens again while all of their family was in the same place for a day or two!   Love these people!

The kids and I dressed up Elias while we were babysitting - Haha!

Keenan and Moriah learned how to make scrambled eggs by themselves, put together a whole breakfast menu - and made breakfast for the rest of us!   Super fun! (Next, we're working on waffles!)

I am eating Paleo for a month right now, just for fun to see how I like it and how it makes my body feel.   So far I love it (though I miss yogurt).   If you don't know - Paleo consists of meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats (avocado, olive oil and coconut oil).   No grains, beans or dairy.    

Some delicious Paleo granola I made

Salmon and sweet potato patties topped with homemade mayo, avocado and tomato... YUM!

I have never been able to french braid, and have always been intimidated by it, but after seeing others do it, and how cute Moriah's hair is when french braided, I randomly decided to try the other night...

Here's my first french braid! =)

Philip was gone to Maryland for five days for a conference, from Wednesday to Sunday.   Here are a couple pictures we sent him after a chilly, windy, rosy cheek inducing walk on Friday.

I love this one

Goofy kids! =)


Mom W. said...

Good job on the French braid, see it isn't so hard!!! And... great job kids on the cards!! Your personal touches will be so special, they always have for us!!! =)

Mark and Rebekah said...

Awesome job on the French braid. I love doing hair- just need someone to practice on! Maybe Mark should grow his hair :)

I love the card idea. Mark loved his from Moriah, he's just really bad at commenting on blogs. It was sweet and I love how we were all in the picture :) Thanks, Moriah!