Sunday, March 27, 2016

(Early) Seder Dinner 2016

Our new friends, Allison and Brett suggested we do a Seder dinner with our house church family.   I offered our basement for it, and she organized everything and made a sign up sheet so everyone could pitch in.   It was an amazing evening!

Google Seder dinner if you aren't familiar with this.   It's a beautiful experience, not just a meal, with readings, special foods and drinks and rituals that are loaded with meaning!

The set up (for about 25 people)
A few people brought glasses and Allison brought everything else and Moriah and Rachel helped set the tables - it was beautiful!

Getting started with appetizers

Reading through the script between the special drinks and foods (before the main meal of lamb and delicious sides!)

Kid's table (along with Philip and I)

The kids closing their eyes while the matzah bread is hidden (to be found later after dinner)

Allison, our amazing host and I

What a sweet evening with sweet friends!   I hope this becomes tradition!

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