Monday, March 21, 2016

Crazy Collection

Some more randoms:

A parrot that Caleb drew from a tutorial =)

Keenan and Caleb both won a coloring contest on base in their age groups! =)

Some pictures from a sunny day at the park...

My monkeys

They love these spinny things and it's hilarious when they all are on at the same time!

At another park that we love, checking out all the "backwoods" trails

Fun picnic

 My little explorers

This fallen tree was HUGE!

Getting in some baby snuggles while babysitting Esther and her big sibs, Jonah and Cora

Keenan holding her the next time we babysat them =)

Moriah modeling some of the St. Patrick's day goodies from Grandma E

1 comment:

Mom W. said...

Looks a lot warmer there than here!!

Cute explorers!!!