Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Visit from the Storeys!

After months of anticipating their visit, the Storeys finally arrived in Wichita, on their way to Colorado, during a month long visit to the US!

We got to try out the "full size" of our table from Grandma Dooley!   It comfortably seats 10!
(and here's the picture you requested a long time ago, Rebekah W) =)

The night that they arrived, the Pennys joined us for a turkey dinner!   What fun, what noise, what laughs! =)

That's a lot of kids!!

I love this group shot of all SIXTEEN of us!

Haha!   Crazy one!

That night Eden did her very first braid ever on Moriah =)

I have No idea why I didn't take more pictures while they were here... I guess it's because we were just having too much fun being together, catching up, enjoying the kids entertaining themselves, etc.

On Wednesday we went over and got a tour of the Pennys house that they're building... it is sooo awesome and it's going to be gorgeous!  Can't wait!

Wednesday night we got a babysitter for all of the kids and Josh, Rebekah, Philip and I went out for dinner.   It was So much fun!   I rode with Josh and Rebekah and we were planning to meet Philip there after work.   He hadn't arrived when we got there, so we went ahead and got a table and told them we were meeting one other person.   They asked who they should watch for and Josh said something like "He's got dark hair and is devilishly handsome" and I said, "People used to think he looked like Tom Hanks".   So...they made a huge deal about wanting to see him when he got there and one of them said, "I loved him in Toy Story!".   When he arrived, he was a little red faced and cracking up when he got to the table.    When the person brought our drinks she said, "Oh I see Tom Hanks arrived", and then our waitress said, "Oh wow, he Does look like Tom Hanks!"  Haha!    When we left, he signed the bill and wrote "Wilson!!!!" (from Castaway for anyone not familiar with that reference).

At dinner (Carlos O'Kellys - Awesome Mexican food!)

Here are a few pictures from the morning they left...

Keenan and Elijah (long time buddies and picked right back up where they left off!)

Caleb and Joel (four months apart).  They were both too young to really remember each other, but they hit it off SO well and played together the whole time!

Kid pile up!

Moriah and Judah =)
 Bek and I, and Luke (love this girl and it was SOO awesome to have her in my home!)

I totally forgot to get a family picture of them so I stole this one from Facebook:

This is a tradition they've been doing for years! =)

Thank you, thank you Storeys for sharing your precious time with us - we love you and hope you move a LOT closer soon! ;)


Wendi Kitsteiner said...

I feel completely responsible for this friendship and would like to pat myself on the back for matching you two up. :)

Mark and Rebekah said...

Haha! I LOVE your dining room table. Thanks for the picture :)
Looks like you guys had an absolutely awesome time together! What special memories! I know what a huge part of your lives they were, and it's so great that your two families and the Pennys could all be together again!
I think my favourite picture was the crazy one of all 16 of you!