Sunday, February 28, 2016

Philip's Birthday

Now you can see what Keenan and I were up to when we snuck into Philip's clinic on our date... =)

First we had to "borrow" his work badge (to scan to unlock the outside door) and his keys (so we could unlock his office door)...

Then we snuck in and "crazy decorated" (not to be confused with decorating to look "nice) his office!

The white board

On the outside of his office (there was also one of these posted on the outer door where Everyone comes in!)

What it looked like when we were done (we basically took a roll of crepe paper, tossed it up over the light and then wherever it landed, we taped it up!   It was so much fun! =)

The outside of his door

We had so much fun sneaking in and out (without a Single soul seeing us!) and it was great fun to get the call from Philip (from work) on Monday morning saying, "HOW did you get in here??"

We picked up Olive Garden and joined him at his office for lunch:

Caleb and Moriah thought it was great!

The kids brought him artwork to display in his office, I bought him (super exciting) floor mats for his CRV, and we had a nice family dinner together.   Not much fuss, just the way he likes it. =)

Happy Birthday, Babe!


Anonymous said...

Haha :)

My favourite part was the picture of him when he was little posted for everyone to see :) So cute!

Is this a tradition with Doctors and their spouses? It seemed like several people did it at Eglin?

I think our husbands are cut from the same cloth - "Not much fuss, just the way he likes it." That's exactly what mark ordered up for his birthday too :)

Happy late, late birthday Philip!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Oops, I'm not sure why I've commented twice as Anonymous... I didn't mean to!