Monday, February 29, 2016

Awana Pine Derby

AWANA Grand Prix! The kids love this event every year!

They got their blocks of wood and wheels from Awana, and then Philip took them to our friend, Nick's workshop, and they cut out the shapes of their cars...

Here they are painting them (I just had to give them time and space at this point, if you know what I mean) ;)

All painted - the whole team!

Side view of their cars

The event was all very official with a timed track, a pit area and a (lengthy but very fair) process that allowed every car to race against every other car to determine the most accurate results for the winners.

Caleb's turn!   His car is up on the track and he's headed to the "racer's viewing area" at the end

Moriah anxiously waiting for her car to race

Keenan excited to see if his will win

Keenan won third place for speed!

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Mark and Rebekah said...

Good job guys!

I love the paint jobs on your cars :) They're all beautiful, but I do love the pink one :)