Monday, February 29, 2016

Awana Pine Derby

AWANA Grand Prix! The kids love this event every year!

They got their blocks of wood and wheels from Awana, and then Philip took them to our friend, Nick's workshop, and they cut out the shapes of their cars...

Here they are painting them (I just had to give them time and space at this point, if you know what I mean) ;)

All painted - the whole team!

Side view of their cars

The event was all very official with a timed track, a pit area and a (lengthy but very fair) process that allowed every car to race against every other car to determine the most accurate results for the winners.

Caleb's turn!   His car is up on the track and he's headed to the "racer's viewing area" at the end

Moriah anxiously waiting for her car to race

Keenan excited to see if his will win

Keenan won third place for speed!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Philip's Birthday

Now you can see what Keenan and I were up to when we snuck into Philip's clinic on our date... =)

First we had to "borrow" his work badge (to scan to unlock the outside door) and his keys (so we could unlock his office door)...

Then we snuck in and "crazy decorated" (not to be confused with decorating to look "nice) his office!

The white board

On the outside of his office (there was also one of these posted on the outer door where Everyone comes in!)

What it looked like when we were done (we basically took a roll of crepe paper, tossed it up over the light and then wherever it landed, we taped it up!   It was so much fun! =)

The outside of his door

We had so much fun sneaking in and out (without a Single soul seeing us!) and it was great fun to get the call from Philip (from work) on Monday morning saying, "HOW did you get in here??"

We picked up Olive Garden and joined him at his office for lunch:

Caleb and Moriah thought it was great!

The kids brought him artwork to display in his office, I bought him (super exciting) floor mats for his CRV, and we had a nice family dinner together.   Not much fuss, just the way he likes it. =)

Happy Birthday, Babe!

Dates with the Kids

It had been a while since we had done "dates" with the kids, so Valentines weekend we took them all out.

Saturday morning, Caleb and I went out for breakfast to "Jimmy's Egg"....

My handsome date with his big breakfast - which he demolished! =)

We had a great time, the food was delicious, Caleb was super charming and told our (60-ish year old) waitress that she was beautiful, and made her week! =)

At lunch time, Keenan and I went to Braum's (his pick).   He loves their chicken fingers and fries and I like their salad and chili.

This was the only picture from the restaurant, but we spent most of the date on a "secret mission" (sneaking into Philip's office and decorating it for his birthday), as well as a stop at the Nifty Nut House =)

Philip and Moriah went out for lunch on Sunday.    Since it was Valentine's Day, Moriah dressed for the occasion (and Philip had to up his outfit as well!) =)

Cute couple all ready to go


Here's a picture on Philip's phone from lunch - they went to Freddy's - good burgers and fries!  (They split a giant ice cream sandwich for dessert)

After they got home, with the rose Philip bought her and the card she made for him =)

Fun kids, fun dates! =)

(I've actually finished four other posts, that will post each of the next four days) =)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Papa Ghanoush's" Visit - Jan/Feb 2016

Blogging very tardily about a very awesome visit!

Philip's dad was with us from January 28th to February 2nd and we had an amazing time with him!

He flew in on Thursday afternoon and the kids and I picked him up (minus his bag, which he and Philip had to go retrieve later) =0/   That evening we all went to the Stephens for dinner and a party to celebrate Tam's birthday.   Dawnita outdid herself on dinner and they planned some really fun "minute to win it" type games.    We competed in families, against the Pennys, and the neighbors, the Cox family.   It was a hoot!

One of the games was to pick a person from your team and shove as many pieces of uncooked spaghetti into their hair in the time allowed.   We chose Caleb and it was the perfect choice!   He looked hilarious...and we won!

160 pieces of spaghetti!

We were blessed with some incredibly warm weather (high 60's) while dad was here, and on Friday we had lunch on base with Philip outside at a park.   The kids ran wild and Philip and his dad got in a good chat.   
 I LOVE this picture of all of them!

I was especially blessed during dad's visit by not having to cook much at all.   He bought a lot of lunches and dinners for us and it was amazing!

Friday night, we ordered in Mediterranean food from Cafe Maurice.    Meat kabobs, falafel, grape leaves, baklava, grape leaves, meat pies, hummus, baba ghanoush (an eggplant hummus-like dip that I convinced dad he should try).    He really liked it and decided it was a really fun word to try and the next day jokingly told the kids they should call him "Baba Ghanoush", but I said, "No, it should be "PAPA Ghanoush!"   And it stuck... it was so funny for the rest of his time here. =)

In between all the dining out - the kids (mainly Keenan) kept Dad busy with almost non stop game playing (Monopoly, Yahtzee, memory, Triominoes, Ticket to Ride, Seven Wonders, Pandemic) and wrestling.    He did manage some down time, book reading, and naps, but was Such a trooper with the games!  I told the kids that, even though they only see their Papa twice a year, I was pretty sure he plays more games with them during those two times than most grandpas play with their grandkids in a year!   =)

 Gifts from Papa!    Dad doled out some silver dollars/half dollars and some cash and gift cards for the kid's birthdays and Christmas.   So spoiled!

 I got these shirts for Dad and Philip for Christmas - I love how they look in them!
(They are also wearing matching Rift Valley Academy hats)

On Saturday, a couple of Dad's friends (from Kenya!) drove in from other parts of Kansas to have lunch with us!
Dr. Jaster, (in the back) was living in Kijabe when we were there and we had dinner at his house with he and his wife (she is now in heaven).   He lives near Salina, KS, near his kids and grandkids.   In front, on the right is "Mama Carol" (Jane), and she used to be Dad's backdoor neighbor!     The others are Joseph and Joy.   Joseph is the brother of Pastor Simon of the Mission Church in Kijabe, Kenya.   Simon's wife Margaret, is Mama Carol's sister!   The three of them live in Fort Scott, KS.   It was such an honor to spend time with all of them!

On Sunday, they had donuts for breakfast from our favorite place, and Philip and I joined efforts and did a pork roast on the grill for lunch with roasted sweet potatoes.   It turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.   Moriah was sick for that entire day, so she and I stayed home that evening, but everyone else went to AWANA/ house church.

Sunday afternoon game of Memory

On Monday, Dad took all three kids to Spangles for lunch I got to go have lunch with Philip in his office!   So fun!  That night we had an amazing dinner in Old Town at River City Brewing Company.  The kids were still enjoying mac and cheese and pizza from that at lunch the next day and they and Philip shared some of Dad's leftover ribs for dinner after he left!   So much good food.

On Tuesday morning, after the kids all got up early and made thank you cards for Papa, it was time to pack up and head to the airport... =0/

One last picture before he left

We all enjoyed having Papa here SO much!   Thanks so much for coming all the way to Wichita again!  We love you!