Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Eve with Andrew and Bethany!

I picked Andrew and Bethany up at the airport last night at about 11:30, so we came home and crashed. The kids were soooo excited when they woke up that they could barely wait for Andrew and Bethany to come upstairs!

The kids made this sign for them and it was waiting in the garage when we pulled in

After breakfast, we headed to Exploration Place for a while this morning (since our annual pass ran out today).   By the looks of the number of people there, we weren't the only ones with that thought! =)

Andrew was a smarty pants and put this together in just a few seconds!

...but ended up getting into some trouble at the castle

Trying their hands at flying the Wright Brother's plane

Caleb did a Great job flying 

Uncle Andrew and Riah in the tornado machine

Three windy Wolverines

We came home to a crockpot full of chicken noodle soup for lunch and then almost everyone took naps in preparation for staying up late!

A festive NYE group picture!

First game of the evening, Ticket to Ride!

 Busy board!
Keenan won for the first time and I had the longest train but came in second.

 Caleb trying his hand at a new game called Suspend that Andrew and Bethany gave us

 A round of Whoonu to break up the complicated strategy games

 Pandemic is a four player game, so I sat this one out.
They saved the world on the last turn with Keenan's last move (it sounded pretty intense!)

 Cheers!   Happy New Year!

 The kids did great making it all the way until Midnight!

 So happy to have these two here with us!



 My love and I

New Year's Kiss

Happy New Year!   How fun to have Andrew and Bethany come for their first visit to celebrate with us!

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Mom W. said...

So enjoyed the pictures of you all, thanks for sharing them. Lots of games. Dad and I played Pick Two until almost 11:30 (I was so excited that he was willing to play a word game with me) and were actually still awake at midnight!!!