Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Blogging January

This year I've decided I'm not going to feel guilty about the frequency of my blogging.    I'll blog when I blog, and I apologize for all the times you may check and there's nothing new.  =)

Okay, here's what we've been doing in January...

January 5th - Grandma D's table was delivered on a truck from Michigan!
She is moving out of her condo into a smaller apartment and was getting rid of some furniture - we are So happy to have this table in our home!    It was purchased by Philip's great grandparents so we are the third generation of Philip's family to own it, and our kids are the Fifth generation to sit at it! =)
It is beautiful (and can fold out and have leaves added to be HUGE!) I will have to post more pictures of it soon.

January 7th - a random picture of most of my CC class painting with egg/chalk paint (that we made with mortar and pestles) while studying the artist, Giotto.

A photo to preserve the memory of this beautiful nativity artwork Moriah created all on her own

Keenan and Moriah's egg paint artwork from CC

January 12 - I found $40 in the pocket of a pair of pants I had just bought at a thrift store for $3.99!

After about a week of de-cluttering Every part of our house, this is what we had to give away!
It has felt SO good to have all of that out of our house!
(I may do a post on this soon)

On a warmish day, the kids used the silly string they got in their stockings =)


One Saturday morning,  Moriah had a tea party with two of her friends, Jillian and Tam and their dolls =)
Here are the beautiful princesses

Pretty in red!

Doll's tea table

Time for lunch!

How we found the boys sleeping when we got home after a date one night =)

Keenan's elaborate wooden block creation

From the 18th to the 20th, we had the honor of hosting our friend, Ben, and his friend, Prince Bosco, a member of the Tutsi royal family in Rwanda!

Random snap from when Treyson spent a day with us =)

Caleb and an alien he made

On Tuesday, I took a few quick snaps of baby Esther, my friend Becca's new baby =)

Well, that about catches us up on the random things - I have a couple other posts from events in between here that I will get up soon....


Mom W. said...

No picture of Philip's new ride yet?

Moriah did an amazing job on the nativity scene.

I am good with you not posting too often as long as we communicate some other way!!!! =)

The baby is adorable!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

As a person who checks your blog multiple times a day, I'd have to say that I miss you when you don't blog, but I understand life getting busy... And it shouldn't be something that stresses you out. In my experience, I either have time to blog but not a lot to say, or TONS to say, but no time to blog because I'm too busy doing the fun things I want to blog about! Haha!

It looks like you guys are having a fun winter...

I love Grandma D's table. What a special thing to have in the family! I would love to see pictures of it without the table cloth on it.

Your decluttering adventures sound great too... I did a great job last year, but got stuck when I got to my craft piles :( So they never got done. This year I didn't have time to start the challenge with report cards due and all that. Maybe Mark and I would work on the garage / craft room at the same time. We have similar amounts of stuff in those areas.

That's SO COOL that you had a real prince at your house! Awesome!

Thanks for the update; I really enjoyed it :)