Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Andrew and Bethany's Visit

Here are the rest of the pictures and happenings from Andrew and Bethany's visit:

On the first, we all started the year off well by going to the Y and working out! =)

For dinner on Friday, we got a sitter and went to Carlos O'Kellys for dinner.   The food was Delicious and we had a great time!   I had brought along some little cards I had printed out (thinking we'd do them on NYE, but hadn't got to them) that had questions like "Favorite song of the year, best movie of the year, thing you laughed hardest at, most embarrassing moment, best advice of the year, hardest lesson, day you would live over and over..."  It made for some awesome conversation and was my favorite part of their visit!

Looking at house plans for their new house (they actually found one while they were here that they think they might go with - so exciting!)

Philip and Keenan playing one of our new games, Seven Wonders

During Caleb's nap on Saturday, Andrew, Bethany, Moriah and I went for a brisk, sunny 2 mile walk.  It was great!

For dinner on Saturday, we did a shrimp boil!

So fun and delicious

The boys convinced me to TRY Seven Wonders (even though I was Quite sure I would hate it!) and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it much more than I thought I would - yay!

These two don't really know the meaning of "personal space" =)

Andrew took care of making breakfast on Sunday - grits, eggs and sausage - sooo delicious!   He knows a few tricks about making grits that we sure didn't!

We decided to go to the zoo for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon before taking them to the airport.   In hindsight, it was probably too cold (I was Freezing!)  We spent the majority of our time at the indoor, heated exhibits =)

This Chinese alligator is about as tall as Keenan

The Tropics is one of my favorite areas in the zoo, and was also the warmest! =)

I love this guy's "hair"

Beautiful foliage for a group photo

Andrew and Bethany by the waterfall

My main man and me

A quick snap to show how close the tiger came to them and how Big he is!

So gorgeous

I thought this was so sweet =)

Posing perfectly in the setting sun ;)

This cracks me up! =)

I think we had a good balance of fun and downtime, and I think Andrew and Bethany found their time restful.   We SO enjoyed having them here and are grateful that they chose us for their NYE destination!


Mom W. said...

Fun, fun, fun, thanks for the pictures... House plans eh? Cool!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE these pictures!

I'm sure you're right and that Andrew and Bethany enjoyed being with you... You guys are extraordinary hosts, and ANYONE would have a good time with you :)

What an awesome start to 2016 :)